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The next mysterious event happened at the Valley of Magicians. Gidenius the Wizard have disappeared. The Guild seeks for the heroes who can sort out the cobweb of magic events.

There is a key hidden somewhere around the boot house which will help the heir of Bellows to pass the next level of magic hierarchy on his way to the Archwizard's Gates.

Book of archwizardly contains the most hidden spells which can be used only by an experienced wizard at duels and competitions.

You can only discern this house of the kindest wizard in the Valley of Magicians during the days of especial portals activity. Will you take a chance?



  • 7 Dragon Coins
  • 3 Fiery Seals
  • 3 Paper Lanterns
  • 3 Dragon Tablets


Dragon-witch Aislinn
Type: Dragon-witch Aislinn
Food: 18.000
Feed Times: 54
Expedition Time: 4 h
Search Time: 12 h


Organizer (Red Chest) Crystal Harp (1), Latin Scroll (1), Azure Grapes (10), Gold Tarra Card (70), Talisman of Experience (2), Piercing Elixir (5), Dragon Coin (4), Creature Summoning Scroll (7), Dragon Tablet (1)
Generous (Blue Chest) Gold Tarra Card (50), Talisman of Experience (1), Dragon Coin (5), Crystal Harp (1), Piercing Elixir (4), Creature Summoning Scroll (5), Dragon Tablet (1)
Lucky (Silver Chest) Gold Tarra Card (30), Dragon Coin (1), Piercing Elixir (3), Creature Summoning Scroll (2), Dragon Tablet (1), Sugar Cane (5), Sweet Roots (5)
Valuable (Brown Chest) Gold Tarra Card (10), Sweet Roots (5), Piercing Elixir (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (1)

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Magic Magnifying Glass, Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp
Helpers Dragon Egg, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask, Paranormal Trap. Genie's Dwelling
Maya Rune Chests Small, Meduim and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Meduim and Large Hunter Kit
Trophy Big Boot
Special Items Transparent Key: Jellyfish Saliva, Talking Hat, Magic Pot, Sack of Dust, Elf's Wing
Book of Archwizardy: Clot of Fire, Water Swirl, Chain of Lightnings, Aurora Borealis, Rock Skin
Live Fire: Ifrit Shoes


Boot HouseEdit

Melissa: You are holding the key to the most cosy and kind house in the world - Wizard's House. At first glance it looks like a boot but actually it is a place where mysteries keeping the balance of good and evil in the magic world are hidden.

  • Carry out an Epedition and feed the Dragon-witch Aislinn.
  • Explore the Wizard's House

Melissa: Do you know the name of the elder living in this house? Would you like to meet him? I will be glad to introduce you especially as he had been inquiring about you but it's ill luck that he is missing. We can't find him for the whole week.

Hard PathEdit

The quests for the Transparent Key, the Astrologer's Clock, and the Copper Telescope appear alternating, see sequence column. After collecting all items the assembly quests appear one after the other. Don't assemble the stuff when the popup appears, wait for the according quest! Otherwise you have to search the items again!
Seq Quest Item Location Mode
1 Silentium Northern Star Magic Gates Shadow
4 Alfred's Anxiety Ray of Comet Meditation Gazebo Reverse
7 Talking to Dragons Piece of the Moon Ice Cavern Puzzle
10 Changing Unchangeable Cloud in a Can Horror Tower Shadow
13 Guess of Traps Eastern Nebula Magic Gates Reverse

Butler Alfred: Despite the fact that the saboteur is not exposed yet, we can't forget our aim. The path to the Castle Nebulous submits to us rather easy and nothing, that could really endanger our journey, have ever happened.

Butler Alfred: As before, I will continue to collect the clues that will help us to solve all the crimes happened at the Valley of Wizards, and connected with sabotages. Here we have another evidence.

Traces of GidenuisEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
2 Martha's Guess Star Map Initiation Hall Night
5 Time and Place Casket with Stars Magic Forest Jumbled
8 Traps for Saboteur Jet Fuel Mushroom Forest --
11 Glass Door Solar Sail Underwater World Night
14 Tricks of Time Blue Glitter Initiation Hall Jumbled

Martha the Maid: Great! We have handful of evidence and we can see the Castle Nebulous in the sky above the mountains. It's a pity the professor is still missing and we could not catch the saboteur. All the guild members rely on you. We nearly reached the goal. Only a few steps are left.

Martha the Maid: Melissa told me that you managed to assemble the key to open the next location from the Valley of Wizards. But where is Gidenius? Where did he disappear to? It is true we could not find any notes or traces?

Secrets and OvertEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
3 Important Errand Elf's Wing Wizard House Shadow
6 Mystery of Wizard Jellyfish Saliva Wizard House Night
9 Magic Paradox Talking Hat Wizard House Reverse
12 Paradoxical Experiments Magic Pot Wizard House Jumbled
15 Wizard Hunters Sack with Dust Wizard House Puzzle

Melissa: The vanishing is not solved. The location of Gidenius is undefined. But there is a key in your hands. I am doing my best to help you solve this, I'm sure non-random, event but now we have a more important goal: to pass throug the gates of Archwizard.

Melissa: We have one last clue that can lead us to the solution id mysterious disappearance of professor Bellows and the secret of wizard Gidenius. Can you guess what I am talking about? This is the portal and the history of its activity and the event written down in secret books of the Guild.

You will come back to this room later with quests from higher rooms.

Next stop: Witch Room

Search ThingiesEdit

Wizards House12
Wizards House21
Wizards House23
Wizards House24
Wizards House26
Wizards House5
Wizards House6
Wizards House27
Wizards House2
Wizards House3
Maple Leaf
Wizards House4
Wizards House7
Wizards House8
Wizards House9
Wizards House11
Wizards House10
Wizards House13
Stake of Books
Wizards House22
Wizards House14
Wizards House20
Wizards House15
Walking Stick
Wizards House16
Wizards House17
Wizards House18
Wizard's Hat
Wizards House19