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Manor experiences sudden problems with electricity. Lamps are shining low and blinking, while the sockets spark. Electricians cannot solve the problem! It's time to explore another creation of the Professor - the ECO-Station!

Help Elemental return to the Station and investigate power outages.

Electrician's Outfit Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Low Voltage Voltmeter Laboratory --- ---
Shock Protection Electrician's Gloves Hotel Day ---
Power Station Among Clouds Rubber Overshoes Boat --- ---
Electricity Lover Earthling Bracelet Observatory Dismantled Image ---
Repair Preparations Electrician's Pliers Dungeon --- ---

Astronomer Andrew: Are you going to the ECO-Station? Right, we are all having problems with power recently... And I need... We need! Everything must be in order... If you need any more tools feel free to take them from the Elemental. She was not just living on the station. She was working there.

  • Help Elemental at friends' places and assemble the Electrician's Chest
  • Get 3 Hard Hats from the Electrical Elemental.
  • Assemble the Electrician's Outfit.

Astronomer Andrew: Great outfit! Hope you will find out the reason of cut-offs. They can be dangerous! Quite dangerous! Even more than you can imagine... But please, do not tell Melissa about our talk. Just make the repairs.

Possible Cause Edit

Ulrich Achenbach: A dragon settled in the flying ECO-Station. It must have been him who drove Elemental out of the station. He may be the reason for power shortages and cut-offs.

  • Organize an expedition and feed the Dragon Electron.
  • Explore the ECO-Station (for further tasks see the ECO-Station)

Ulrich Achenbach: I will tell Melissa you overcame the dragon and that now Elemental can return to the ECO-Station to continue his work...

Reward: ECO-technician's Casket Chest Edit

It contains:

  • 100 Silvertarra, 100 Goldtarra
  • 10 Summon
  • 1  Strawberryjam
  • 10 Bluecheese
  • 10 Azuregrapes
  • 5  Hammerofthor, 5  Magnifyer, 5  Bell, 5  Phasewatch, 5  Solarlamp
  • 3  Anaglyphglasses, 3  Oldamphora, 3  Paranormaltrap
  • 10 Paperlantern, 10 Latinscroll, 10 Crystalharp, 20 Dragoncoin, 10 Lunarfirefly, 10 Fieryseal
  • 5 Random Artifact Charges
  • Trophy "View from Above"
  • 40,000  Coins
  • 1,000  Xp

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