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You have not feared the energy of the portal and disrupted space once. Now it's time to dive to the waters of Southern Ocean washing the shores of the Valley of Magicians! The next magical mystery awaits you underwater.

Somewhere here in this magic waters the protege of the Magician's Guild is to assemble parts of the key into one. The Salt Key will bring the heir closer to the Archwizard's gates.

The next battle trophy of the White Wizard awaits its owner in this salty waters. It is yours if you can find it and return its magic power.



  • 6 Dragon Coins
  • 3 Lunar Fireflys
  • 3 Crystal Harps
  • 3 Dragon Tablets


Type: Dragon Murchertack
Food: 16.000
Feed Times: 52
Expedition Time: 4 h
Search Time: 12 h


Organizer (Red Chest) Fiery Seal (1), Paper Lantern (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (7), Dragon Coin (3), Talisman of Knowledge (2), Dragon Tablet (1), Silver Tarra Cards (70), Energy Extract (5), Sugar Cane (12)
Generous (Blue Chest) Dragon Tablet (1), Energy Extract (4), Sweet Root (6), Fiery Seal (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (5), Dragon Coin (3), Silver Tarra Cards (50), Talisman of Knowledge (1)
Lucky (Silver Chest) Dragon Tablet (1), Honey Drink (6), Sweet Root (6), Energy Extract (3), Dragon Coin (1), Creature Summoning Cards (2), Silver Tarra Cards (30)
Valuable (Brown Chest) Energy Extract (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Silver Tarra Cards (10), Honey Drink (6)

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Magic Magnifying Glass, Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp
Helpers Dragon Egg, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask, Paranormal Trap. Genie's Dwelling
Maya Rune Chests Small, Meduim and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Meduim and Large Hunter Kit
Trophy Underwater Lab
Special Items Poseidon's Ring: Waterspout, Drowned's Note, Sulphuric Bubble, Darned Sail, Decuman Wave
Salty Key: 32 pound cannonball, Blue Coral, Glass Anchor, Bamboo Harpoon, Mirror Cube
Copper Telescope: Solar Sail
Ice Whirlpool: Fur Hat


Dive to the AbyssEdit

Martha the Maid: Hooray! Hooray! Alfred took pity on me and allowed me to help you in the expedition to the underwater world. I am looking forward to the moment when we will dive to this blue abyss of beauty and tranquitlity. But how are you going to make this dive?

  • Carry out an expedition, feed the Dragon Murchertack and unlock the Underwater World.
  • Explore the Underwater World

Martha the Maid: Aqualung, bathyscaphe and diving suit? I'm out of this. I am afraid of water and all the more depth. But I will constantly be next to you. I promise to tell you all the latest news from the Magician's Guild and direct help from the firm land. I will always be with you.


The quests for Salty Key, Giant Fins and Red Tarpaulin appear alternating, starting with the 1st key quest, see sequence column. After collecting all items the assembly quests appear one after the other. Don't assemble the stuff when the popup appears, wait for the according quest!
Seq Quest Item Location Mode
1 Abyssal Mysteries 32 Pound Cannon Ball Underwater World Shadows
4 The Marta Passion Blue Coral Underwater World Jumbled
7 Search of Submarine Glass Anchor Underwater World Night
10 Wet Manuscripts Bamboo Harpoon Underwater World Puzzle
13 See and its Mysteries Mirror Cube Underwater World Reverse

Martha the Maid: We have traveled rather far in Valley of Magicians but we have encountered only one portal during this journey. THe one at the beginning. Why? Meanwhile there are quite different talkings in the Guild. Your search and explorations lead us to contradictory results.

Martha the Maid: Melissa says a lot of garbage from our world came to Valley of Magicians through the portal probably. But this garbage can't find its way back as it all seems to work like earth one-way portals or half-opened portals.

About the White WizardEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
2 Sabotage Again Nimbus Initiation Hall Night
5 Castles in the Air Deep Blast Magic Forest Puzzle
8 Sparkles without Fire Jellyfish Poison Mushroom Forest Reverse
11 The Goal is Close Rusty Trident Initiation Hall Shadows
14 Pepper Bomb Mermaid's Scales Magic Forest Jumbled

Butler Alfred: Who is this White Wizard and who is his opponent Archwizard, the master of dark powers. Why do we continue to find notes and other evidence of their existence but cannot meet them? Besides our lives were never endangered.

Butler Alfred: Here lies some mystery. It seems professor never visited this valley. Fantastic places and magic animals are here. Here is a world full of joy and happiness. Don't you think we just ruin its calamity and tranquility? Why do we follow the path of White Wizard to the magic gates?

Wizard HouseEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
3 A Note Box of Smoke Meditation Gazebo Reverse
6 Memories of Professor Straw Matches Ice Cavern Shadows
9 Following the Wizard's Path Ice Beads Horror Tower Jumbled
12 Lost Time Rocket Furs Meditation Gazebo Night
15 Allspice Destroyer Pepper Bomb Ice Cavern Puzzle

Butler Alfred: Oh, I am tired of this saboteur, he does not even look like a wizard, more like a useless craftsman. We now have enough evidence to find this undefined person from Magician's Guild but believe it or not I have no guess who it can be.

Butler Alfred: Sorcery, magic items, transformation and creatures await us in the House of Wizard. What's his name I wonder. Felicia and I have already taken a look through a magic ball. The House is really amazing. I would really like to go there. Are you ready to open the door?

You will come back to this room later with quests from higher rooms.

Next stop: Wizard House

Search ThingiesEdit

Underwater World-11
Bird's Skeleton
Underwater World-18
Underwater World-19
Underwater World-20
Underwater World-21
Comb for Hair
Underwater World-22
Compact Mirror
Underwater World-23
Underwater World-24
Underwater World-25
Underwater World-1
Underwater World-2
Underwater World-3
Mortar and Pestle
Underwater World-5
Underwater World-9
Underwater World-7
Oil Lamp / Old Lamp
Underwater World-8
Underwater World-10
Porcelain Teapot
Underwater World-15
Underwater World-12
Underwater World-13
Soup Ladle
Underwater World-4
Taro Map
Underwater World-14
Tuft of Grass
Underwater World-16
White Mouse
Underwater World-6
Witch's Hat
Underwater World-17