Tips and tricks to get the most out of the game. One could say sooo much and there are questions over questions, so we split the tips into several pages:

  • Goal
    What are we doing here anyway?
  • General
    Basic tips on room modes, Tarra Cards, Ghosts and so on. Along with a little "Bad, Bad Translation" list (asked for items where you would have never guessed that you are searching for this thing)
  • Runes Maze
    What can you do there and why should you
  • Dragon Maze
    Dragons? Yeah, dragons: Tail, shells, with and without fire
  • Neighbors
    What are neighbors for, how do to get them, how to cultivate your friendships and what do they want to get (gifting tips)
  • Expeditions
    How to start, to proceed and strategies
  • Battles
    What is this all about, increase chances, why compete with neighbors, and everything else to know about battles