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Things are again disappearing in the Manor! And Andrew has nearly fallen out with Melissa. Fortunately, Alfred has been able to reconcile them, and at the same time, told everyone about a young man with a very strange camera. His story is amazing! However, let him tell it by himself.

It was a very prestigious film festival. It was attended by almost all the famous actors and actresses, but when the party was in full swing, people suddenly started to disappear before their eyes!

Creature: Photographer Tom can be found in Bellows Manor. To help him you will need 1 photo plate and 10 energy. Your reward is 40 XP, 800 Coins, and artifact charges. Helping Photographer Tom at your neighbors' places you will need Magnesium for Flash. Your reward will be 5 XP and 70 Coins, Event Horizon, and Reflective Lens. Edit

  • All Artifact Charges Are Giftable.

The Film Festival Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
The Missing Reagent Flask with Reagent Observatory --- ---
Covered Glass Dirty Retort Laboratory Shadows ---
Mutual Resentment Porcelain Tray Study --- ---
An Old Reference Book Photographer's Handbook Library Dismantled Image ---
A Dark Place Black Case Cellar --- ---

Butler Alfred: I have already asked Tom who is several times, and where he's from. But he says we won't believe him until we see the photos which he has taken. Could you develop these please?

  • Get 3 Photographic Papers by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Get 3 Fixers by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Assemble the Package of Photos.

Butler Alfred: Let me take a look at the pictures. What's so special about them? There are some people in the clothing of the past century. What are they doing? Is it kind of a fancy dress ball? A carnival? I hope that Photographer Tom will explain everything.

A Random Threat Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
A Suspicious Character Millionaire's Business Card Hotel Night ---
The Old Idols Photo Album Cafe --- ---
The Parcel with a Device Imprint Gondolier's House Jumbled Words ---
A Portrait in Gold Coin with a Profile Alchemist's Tower --- ---
In Different Parts of the World Photo Camera Boat Reversed Room ---

Melissa: Tom's camera is broken, but I can definitely say that this strange device was not made in the 20th century. I think only millionaire Gruner knows the secret of this camera. Perhaps, Mr. Gruner will appear when we threaten to open his secret.

  • Get 3 Post Office Receipts by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Get 3 Diary Entries by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Assemble the Journalistic Investigation.

Melissa: I like the idea of luring Mr. Gruner out. This enigmatic personality might know something about Professor Bellows. At least, his camera works like a portal.

The Call Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Following Gruner Astrologer's Cap Throne Hall --- ---
A Rare Feather Amazing Feather Princess' Bouidor Night ---
A Sharp Bone Fish Bone Fish Public Market --- ---
Ancient Writings Runic Alphabet House of Tomorrow Shadows ---
A Special Brush Hair Brush Horror Park --- ---

Melissa: I've been thinking: why don't you make the Mystic Board yourself? Ancient legends say that with its help one can communicate with spirits. May the spirits tell us who this Mr. Gurner is? We only need to get a couple of things - and you can get down to work.

  • Get 3 Protective Varnish by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Get 3 Enchanted Paintings by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Assemble the Mystic Board.

Melissa: I do not know whether this board can summon spirits, but I'm sure that it will call Mr. Gruner here. You'll only have to wait a bit.

Checking Edit

  • Get 36 Polarization Filters by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Get 25 Reflected Lenses by helping Photographer Tom at your neighbors' places.

Melissa: Mr. Gruner writes that if you managed to make the Mystic Board, you will be able to understand the mysterious camera. It's an examination for you - He offers you to meet on the red carpet of the film festival.

  • Get 3 Cable Releases by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Get 3 Mechanical Timers by helping Photographer Tom.
  • Assemble the Portal Camera.

Melissa: Wow! This camera uses the technology of the distant future. But it opens the way into the past. See you soon, Mr. Gruner.

Expedition - The Final Test Edit

Melissa: Mysterious Gruner still seems to exam you.Now he's put a dragon guarding the location of the appointment in our way.

  • Organize and expedition and feed the Dragon Famous.
  • Explore the Walk of Fame. (see there for further quests)

Melissa: Mr. Gruner underestimates you! It's time for him to admit it, and appear. His riddles don't give me rest. Who is he? Where did he get the magic camera from? Where are the people who disappeared from the red carpet of the film festival?

Reward: Photographer's Chest Edit

You will receive the Photographer's Chest for completing this event.

It contains:

  • 250 Silver Tarra Cards
  • 200 Gold Tarra Cards
  • 7 Crystal Harps
  • 10 Creature Summoning Scrolls
  • 1 Trophy, Vintage Photo
  • 5 Bells
  • 5 Phase Watches
  • 7 Azure Grapes
  • 5 Solar Lamps
  • 5 Hammer of Thor
  • 3 Dragon Coins
  • 5 Magic Magnifying Glass
  • 3 Dragon Tablets
  • 3 Latin Scrolls
  • 3 Fiery Seals
  • 7 Old Amphora
  • 10 Problem Solvers
  • 7 Paranormal Traps
  • 20,000 Coins
  • 1,000 XP

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