This morning a stranger scared Martha so much that she even thought of carrying a weapon with her. Strange guests have never been uncommon in the Manor, but this one is not seen even with the thermal imager. It is interesting to know if he is reflected in a mirror.

They say fear takes molehills for mountains. Although the stranger has turned out to be a zombie, things are not that bad. He is not aggressive and, fortunately, retained his reason. Ike has said that he escaped from mad Stein's lab where cruel experiments are held. We need to see what kind of laboratory this is and do everything possible for the story told by Ike, the zombie, will never happen again.

Martha the Maid – This morning I saw blood outside, I was so scared! And then, in the bushes, something started to burr and muss, and in fear I took to my heels hardly being capable of reflection… I don’t know how to go out now. It would be good to have some weapon at hand.

Silent Weapon Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Fear Old Crossbow Cellar --- ---
The Observation in the Dark Thermal Imager Observatory Dismantled Image ---
Bolts Bolts Dungeon --- ---
Optical Devices Scope Sight Library Shadows ---
A Walking Dead Steel Spring Laboratory --- ---

Butler Alfred – A zombie near our house?! Now I understand why the imager does not see it! Try to find the weaknesses of this monster and assemble a weapon capable to destroy it!

  • You will need 3 Zombie's Brains from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 Zombie's Hearts from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Silent Weapon

Butler Alfred – You have created an excellent, mechanism to destroy zombies! Quiet, powerful, functional… But aren’t you frightened by the monster in the neighborhood?

Dead Man's Armour Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Relevant Protection Leather Helmet Tilt Yard Jumbled Words ---
Leather and Magic Leather Armour Alchemist's Tower --- ---
It Can Speak! Braced Boots Treasury Night ---
A Distinguishing Mark Belt with Skull Treasury --- ---
Suitable Weapons War Hammer Throne Hall Reversed Room ---

Ulrich Achenbach – An outfit for war is not just parts of the armour. They must be adjusted to each other, so they fit like a second skin! Do this while you have time. If Stein and his dead army appear here, we will not have time to prepare.

  • You will need 3 Silk Cords from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 Leather Straps from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Dead Man's Armour

Ulrich Achenbach – I have a feeling that you have made this armour for yourself rather than for Ike, the zombie. In any case, you have done very well.

Protective Amulet Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Saving Love Openwork Pendant Burano Island --- ---
The Power of Words Paper Scroll Stained-Glass Workshop Day ---
Scary Plans Barrel with Salt Cheese Yard --- ---
The Main Detail Silver Bar Stained-Glass Workshop Dismantled Image ---
The Source of Power Consecrated Water Gondolier's House --- ---

Melissa – Create a protective amulet using Ike’s knowledge and assistance. If it is not done now, mad scientist Stein’s zombie soldiers will come for us.

  • You will need 3 Swamp Roots from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 River Sludge from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Protective Amulet

Melissa – The amulet will give us protection for a while. But as soon as Stein understands how we have tricked him, the zombies will return. We need to attack ourselves! We must get into Stein’s den!

The Guiding Fire Edit

Melissa – Mad Stein has succeeded in creating a portal, but he lacks the knowledge to understand the system. So he needs Professor Bellows. That’s why he is hunting us. Ike will take us into Stein’s lab. Get some oakum for a torch –m the fire will dispel the dark.

  • Obtain 35 Oakum from Ike, the zombie
  • Obtain 35 Handles of Torches from Ike, the zombie at friends' places

On the Threshold Edit

Melissa – Create the torch as soon as possible, so that Ike could lead you into Stein’s lab.

  • You will need 3 Eternal Flames from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 Chinese Sparks from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Zombie's Torch

Melissa – The portal is ready to host you! Be careful in Stein’s lab – nobody knows what creepy surprises the mad scientist is preparing for the world.

The Mighty Fighter Edit

Ulrich Achenbach – It seems that Stein is going to strengthen his army with a dragon. You will have to do something about it while there is still a possibility.

  • Organize an expedition
  • Explore Stein's lab

Expedition: Edit

  • Food: 23000
  • Feed Time: 40
  • Expedition Time: 2 Hours
  • Room Time: 4 Hours

Rewards for Expedition

Organizer (Red Chest):

☀Cup with Plasma (2), Silver Tarra Cards (20), Vector Diagram (2), Gold Tarra Cards (20), Honey Toffee Candy (10), Talisman of Knowledge (1), Event Horizon (2), Creature Summoning Scroll (3), Gravitation Beverage (2)

Generous (Blue Chest):

☀Cup with Plasma (2), Silver Tarra Cards (10), Vector Diagram (2), Gold Tarra Cards (10), Talisman of Experience (1), Dandelion Juice (10), Creature Summoning Scroll (2), Gravitation Beverage (2)

Lucky (Silver Chest):

☀Silver Tarra Cards (5), Ruby Pomegranate (10), Event Horizon (1), Gold Tarra Cards (5), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Piggy Bank (1), Gravitation Beverage (1)

Valuable (Brown Chest):

☀Silver Tarra Cards (2), Vector Diagram (1), Gold Tarra Cards (2), Cup with Plasma (1), Delicious Blueberries (10)

The Madman's Servant Edit

Mad scientist Stein was not satisfied with the creation of zombie soldiers. He is trying to tame a poltergeist! You will have to banish one of Stein’s servants for him not to learn about an unexpected visit to his laboratory.

  • Banish the poltergeist settled down in Stein's laboratory

The way to Stein’s lab is clear. The time has come to settle accounts with the madman intending to take over the world.

Zombie's Plaque Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
The Eye Equipment Powerful Microscope --- ---
A Biomaterial Box with Drugs Shadows ---
The Madman's Notes Casebook --- ---
The By-Product Black Mould Reversed Room ---
Radiation Radioactive Metal --- ---

Melissa – I cannot finish the work, I need to escape – Stein’s soldiers have come for me; the zombies are already nearby. Hurry up! Create a biological weapon against Stein’s army! Save me, save us, save the whole world!

  • You will need 3 Zombie's Blood from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 Dead Eyes from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Zombie's Plague

Ulrich Achenbach – I have fought off a pair of zombies coming for me. But I fear there will soon be more. If you have some means to cope with them – don’t delay! Now it is time to make short work of Stein’s immortal army!

New Soldiers Edit

Butler Alfred – Stein is in rage: his plans are collapsing; an unknown disease is destroying his army. He is looking for a replacement for zombies; he once again is going to use poltergeists in order to conquer the world. And he will start with us if you do nothing to prevent it.

  • Banish any poltergeist settled in Stein's lab

Melissa – Stein has finally realized that you are a worthy opponent, I do not know what he is going to do now, but we’ve got time to finish with him once and for all.

Return Transformer Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
The Layout of the Lab Album of Drawings Night ---
The Abduction Peristaltic Lamp --- ---
An Unusual Metal Metal Coil Jumbled Words ---
A Fallback Back Valve --- ---
The Memory of the Beloved Casket with a Lock Dismantled Image ---
  • Banish any poltergeist settled in Stein's lab

Melissa – I have changed Stein’s scheme. Now the whole lab is a silent bomb. When Stein switches on the devices, an irreversible process will start. If Ike is somewhere near, he will again, become a human. But to make it work, you will have to do something else.

  • You will need 3 Liquid Catalysts from Ike, the zombie
  • You will need 3 Bottles of Oxidants from Ike, the zombie
  • Assemble the Return Transformer

Melissa – The module is ready! It is time to get off. As soon as Stein sets the lab going, it will self-destruct, and Ike, the zombie, will turn into a human. He will take revenge on the mad doctor for all his malicious insults. And then he will come back home and meet his love.

Reward Chest Contents: Edit

200 Silver Cards 150 Gold Cards 10 Crystal Harps 15 Summon. Scrolls 3 Bells 3 Watches 10 Azure Grapes 3 Bells 3 Hammers 5 Dragon Coins 3 Magnifying Glasses 5 Dragon Tablets 5 Latin Scrolls 5 Fiery Seals 7 Old Amphora 7 Paranormal Traps 15K Coins 1500 XP 5 Crystals/Gems 3 Magic Nectar 2 Relic Chrgs. 3 Reg. Chrgs Stein's Lab Trophy

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