What a strange thing! All the tools have disappeared from the forge. The blacksmith himself is looking for them all over the world.

And here is the owner of the missing instruments-blacksmith Timli. He has taken a very difficult order in hand and is now looking for someone who could help him.

Blacksmith's Tools Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Unexpected Discovery Sledgehammer Observatory --- ---
Splitting Coal Blacksmith's Tongs Cellar Night ---
Blacksmith's Problems Chisel Study --- ---
A Strange Portal File Library Reversed Room ---
A Valuable Tool Steel Punch Laboratory --- ---

Martha the Maid: Our guest Timli has helped me to repair a lawn mower. I want to repay in kind: he has some forge clothing I could clean it. And he will be glad to get all his tools back.

  • Obtain 4 Leather Sleeves by helping Timli the Blacksmith.
  • Obtain 4 Blacksmith's Gloves by helping Timli the Blacksmith.
  • Assemble the Blacksmith's Tools.

Butler Alfred: Now Timli may be satisfied: he has got all the tools and is ready to get to work. I hope he will fulfill the order and receive the title of the master of the forge, despite the intrigues of his rivals and enemies.

Iron Name Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
A Metal Stamp Forged Candleholder Cafe Shadows ---
A Kitchen Set Twisted Poker Hotel --- ---
In Search of a Mentor Antique Knife Fashion Boutique Day ---
The First Letter Iron Scoop Boulangerie --- ---
In the Wake of the Buyer Forged Bell Boat Jumbled Words ---

Butler Alfred: Blacksmith Timli should open a purple cube to become a master. We will help him if we get to know the name of the blacksmith who has already tried this work. What is left to do is to clean dirt and rust off the items you have found.

Obtain 3 Iron Brushes by helping Timli the Blacksmith.

Obtain 3 Polishing Felt by helping Timli the Blacksmith.

Assemble the Iron Name,

Butler Alfred: "Irwin" - this is the name of the blacksmith who forged the kitchen set - the letters on the collected items form this name. I will ask Timli if he knows such a master.

The Crystal Bouquet Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
A Mysterious Bud Crystal Bud Burano Island --- ---
The Master's Flower Crystal Flower Music Palace Night ---
The First Clue Crystal Branch Stained-Glass Workshop --- ---
A Fallacy Crystal Chrysanthenmum Gondolier's House --- ---
A Vessel Crystal Vase Venetian Cafe Dismantled Image ---

Melissa: Irwin claims that the crystal flowers are part of some weapon created in another world. It sounds stupid. But I believe him! If you can assemble this weapon, we will be able to show its power to blacksmith Timli. And then, hopefully, he will leave the purple cube alone.

  • Obtain 3 Crimson Crystal Shards by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Obtain 3 Turquoise Crystal Shards by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Assemble the Crystal Bouquet.

Melissa: Having opened the purple cube, Timli will pave the way for the invasion. Ancient creatures, armed with such "bouquets", will seize the planet, clear it, and change it. That is why Irwin fled, having given up a profitable job.

A Disguise Edit

Melissa: I want to look at the mysterious Purple Cube, which Irwin is so afraid of. But the portal to Timli's Forge does not let me in. Probably, the thing is that I do not resemble the blacksmith very much. Maybe some soot is missing.

  • Obtain 30 Soot by helping Timli the blacksmith.
  • Obtain 35 Cinder by helping Timli the blacksmith at your neighbors' places.

Melissa: I guess now we will be able to easily get dressed as a blacksmiths do - and deceive the portal.

  • Obtain 3 Breath of Volcano by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Obtain 3 Glacier Wind by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Assemble the Blacksmith's Overalls.

Melissa: You have done everything possible. Now we can visit Timli's Forge to see the mysterious Purple Cube with our own eyes.


A Guard Darkening the Door

Melissa: Everything is not so easy! We have deceived the portal, but as it turned out, that is a guard in the Forge - a dangerous dragon. Apparently, someone wants to protect the Purple Cube from prying eyes.

  • Organize an expedition and feed the dragon.
  • Explore Timli's Blacksmith Forge.


  • Blacksmith's Overalls
  • 5 Cup with Plasma
  • 5 Gravitation Beverage
  • 5 Vector Diagram
  • 5 Event Horizon
  • 50 Energy per search


Type: Chirli

Food: 23,000

Feed Times: 45

Expedition Time: 2 H

Search Time: 4 H


Organizer (Red Chest) Vector Diagram (2), Event Horizon (2), Talisman of Knowledge (1), Silver Tarra Cards (20), Gold Tarra Cards (20), Creature Summoning Scroll (3), Cup with Plasma (2), Honey Toffee Candy (10), Gravitation Beverage (2).
Generosity (Blue Chest) Talisman of Experience (1), Vector Diagram (2), Dandelion Juice (10), Gold Tarra Cards (10), Cup with Plasma (2), Silver Tarra Cards (10), Gravitation Beverage (2), Creature Summoning Scroll (2).
Good Luck (Silver Chest) Ruby Pomegranate (10), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Event Horizon (1), Silver Tarra Cards (5), Gold Tarra Cards (5), Gravitation Beverage (5), Piggy Bank (1).
Valuable (Brown Chest) Vector Diagram (1), Gold Tarra Cards (2), Cup with Plasma (1), Silver Tarra Cards (2), Delicious Blueberries (10).

Trouble Edit

Melissa: I feel as if someone is trying to stop us! once I had stayed in the Forge too long, all of a sudden, a poltergeist swooped down upon me.

  • Banish the ghost, settled down in the Forge. (Must be the ghost).

Melissa: I am about to understand Irwin! He is afraid of Timli's strange client, afraid of the Purple Cube and crystal weapon. Of all the trouble, I have only seen the dragon and poltergeist so far. But that may not be all.

Defective Armor Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Craftmanship Virago's Chainmail The Forge --- ---
A Skillful Helmet Virago's Helmet The Forge Jumbled Words ---
Unfinished Work Forged Shield The Forge --- ---
The Previous Order Gauntlets The Forge Shadows ---
An Accurate Calculation Light Cuirass The Forge --- ---

Melissa: Find the right tools and damage the armor so that it looks as if it is unfinished. Timli will have to get down to his work again.

  • Obtain 3 Cutters by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Obtain 3 Caulking Irons by helping Blacksmith Timli.
  • Assemble the Defective Armor.

Melissa: Great Job! Now we have a bit of time to unravel the mystery of the Purple Cube.

Fighting the Obstacles Edit

Melissa: I am trying to understand what the Purple Cube is. So far, only one thing is clear to me - it is not a human article. I would have learned more, but a poltergeist, having appeared here, interfered with sensitive equipment.

  • Banish the poltergeist, settled down in the Forge.

Melissa: Thank you for your help. My research is coming to a close. And I tend to agree with Irwin - the Purple Cube is very dangerous!

Modified Program Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Something Torn Away Nano-Module The Forge Reversed Room ---
Studying the Structure Repaired Microscope The Forge --- ---
A Subtle Effect Laser Pionter The Forge Night ---
Spying Drops of Resin The Forge --- ---
A Deceptive Appearance Piece of a Brick The Forge Dismantled Image ---

An Unwanted Witness Edit

Melissa: A Poltergeist has appeared in the Forge. I suspect this mysterious customer, having lost the opportunity to monitor Timli, sent his spy. Get rid of it!

  • Banish the poltergeist, settled down in the Forge.

Melissa: While you were dealing with the poltergeist, I finally learned about the Purple Cube and its servant. Indeed, there is a hidden portal inside the cube which the invasion will begin through as soon as the cube is opened.

Hacking the Program Edit

Melissa: The creature in the mask and cloak is not human! This is an alien robot - guardian, and servant of the Purple Cube. It is possible to destroy it, but we can reprogram it if we get code keys.

  • Obtain the 3 Access Keys by helping blacksmith Timli.
  • Obtain the 3 Correction Keys by helping blacksmith Timli.
  • Assemble the Modified Program.

Melissa: We did it! I have to confess that I did not believe in success until the end. But now we can forget about the Purple Cube and its servant - robot. The Cube was used by an ancient race of aliens to invade populated planets. Since the program has been changed - the invasion is cancelled!

Reward: Timli's Storage Chest Edit

You will receive Timli's Storage Chest as a reward. It contains:

  • 200 Silver Tarra Cards
  • 200 Gold Tarra Cards
  • 10 Crystal Harps
  • 15 Summoning Scrolls
  • 3 Bells
  • 3 Phase Watches
  • 10 Azure Grapes
  • 3 Hammers of Thor
  • 3 Solar Lamps
  • 5 Dragon Coins
  • 3 Magnifying Glasses
  • 5 Dragon Tablets
  • 5 Latin Scrolls
  • 5 Fiery Seals
  • 7 Old Amphora
  • 10 Problem Solver
  • 7 Paranormal Traps
  • 15 000 Coins
  • 3 Crystals
  • 1500 XP
  • Timli's Forge Trophy

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