The Space Greenhouse Event Edit

A very strange visitor has appeared in the Manor - nobody as seen him, but he writes notes in different language which are being found here and there. I have a feeling that the stranger needs help. But who is he and how has he got here?

It's turned out that the mysterious guest's name is Hlajm. He was born and raised on a different planet. He worked with his friend in the Greenhouse. And everything may have been the same if not for the bandits' attack. Hlajm is now worrying about his friend.

Intergalactic Translator Edit

Quest Item Location Mode
Obscure Words Foreign Language Dictionary Library ---
A Strange Request Radio Study Shadows
Letter No. 2 Note on Cardboard Observatory ---
Human Desire Chocolate Bar Cellar Jumbled Words
Biological Material Biomaterial Dungeon ---

Martha the Maid: Hlajm wants to ask us for help. He is a stranger here, and we are his only hope. But he still knows our language badly. Help him assemble a new intergalactic translator from the old one taking it as a basis.

  • You will need 3 Analysis Modules by helping Argotechnician Hlajm
  • You will need 3 Translation Units by helping Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Assemble the Intergalactic Translator

Martha the Maid: At last! Now we will be able to understand Hlajm's gibberish properly. And he will be able to understand us correctly. I hope Hlajm will open his secret to us. Who is he? Where is he from?

Nuclear Blaster Edit

Quest Item Location Mode
Dropped Nuclear Battery Alchemist's Tower Dismantled Image
Five Sides Five-sided Crystal Throne Hall ---
At a Friend's Request Electronic Shutter Princess' Boudoir Night
An Official Weapon Battle Beamer Celestial Stables ---
Space Technology Gamma Sight Tilt Yard Reversed Room

Melissa: I'm interested in alien Hlajm's story. And I thought: what happens if other guests - dangerous and evil - come after him? We must examine Hlajm's weapon to be ready for the invasion!

  • You will need 3 Steel Frames from Argotechnician Hlajm
  • You will need 3 Bulk Fasteners from Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Assemble the Nuclear Blaster

Melissa: Doesn't it seem surprising to you that workers of a greenhouse had such weapons? Alien Hlajm agrees that it's a very strange rule, but he's never thought why he was given the weapon and why he had to wear it. But I am thinking about it.

Galactic Navigator Edit

Quest Item Location Mode
Stars Star Atlas Boat Shadows
A Look at the Sky Compact Telescope Boulangerie ---
An Old Idea Shards of Glass Boulangerie Night
A Guiding Beam Laser Pointer Museum of Perfume ---
The Impossible Gyroscope Hotel Room Reversed Room

Astronomer Andrew - I'm disappointed! It's a fail! It's impossible to assemble the Galactic Navigator! The existing human technology isn't capable of it! We lack only a pair of details.

  • You will need 3 Star Shines from Argotechnician Hlajm
  • You will need 3 Galactic Dust from Argotechnicial Hlajm
  • Assemble the Galactic Navigator

Astronomer Andrew - Did you manage to finish my work? Let me take a look! What a miracle! A real Galactic Navigator! And it's working!

Resonance Module Edit

Melissa: Knowing the approximate place where Hlajm has arrived from, we can try to bring him back home. It's not that hard to do with our experience. We'll activate a portal - that's all. What do we need? To begin with, we will need a nuclear resonator.

  • Obtain 35 Nuclear Resonators from Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Obtain 35 Resonance Regulators from Argotechnician Hlajm at your friends' places
  • Assemble the Resonance Module.

Melissa: Are you ready for interstellar travel? The way is open! Tell Hljam to get ready to go home - to his favorite gardens.

An Assumption Edit

Astronomer Andrew - We can travel to the past or to the future. We can open the portal under water or in the sky - everywhere we'll meet a dragon guarding the entrance. I'm sure that a dragon is also protecting Hlajm's greenhouse. Shall we see?

  • Organize an expedition and feed the dragon
  • Explore the Space Greenhouse

Expedition Edit

Dragon: Tunzor

Food: 26500

Feed Time: 50

Expedition Time: 2 Hours

Room Time: 4 Hours


Organizer (Red Chest): Cup with Plasma (3), Event Horizon (3), Vector Diagram (3), Gold Tarra Cards (20), Silver Tarra Cards (20), Honey Toffee Candy (10), Gravitation Beverage (3), Talisman of Knowledge (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (5)

Generous (Blue Chest): Cup with Plasma (2), Silver Tarra Cards (10), Vector Diagram (2), Gold Tarra Cards (10), Talisman of Experience (1), Dandelion Juice (10), Gravitation Beverage (2), Creature Summoning Scroll (2)

Lucky (Silver Chest): Ruby Pomegranate (10), Event Horizon (1), Piggy Bank (1), Gold Tarra Cards (5), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Silver Tarra Cards (5), Gravitation Beverage (2)

Valuable (Brown Chest): Cup with Plasma (1), Silver Tarra Cards (2), Delicious Blueberries (10), Vector Diagram (1), Gold Tarra Cards (2)

An Uninvited Guest Edit

Melissa: Our experiments with the new portal had unexpected effect - a poltergeist from our world got into the space world. We don't know how it will behave in new conditions.Therefore, it must be stopped.

  • Banish the poltergeist, settled down in the Space Greenhouse

Melissa: Phew! You can breathe out! I was afraid that the poltergeist would make a lot of mess, having got in a new world. It could be so if it weren't for you.

Space Salad Edit

Quest Item Mode
An Unusual Taste Pear-Shaped Grapulen ---
A Special Spice Root of Satar Jumbled Words
A Selective Interest Pod of Kasol ---
The List of Ingredients The Secret Recipe Dismantled Image
Particular Attention Leaves of Kurop ---

Martha the Maid: Argotechnician Hljam has looked into the matter and found out the matter and found out that the space pilots born on planet Earth use a secret dish to enable special powers of the body. This dish is the salad. And we can cook it!

  • Obtain 3 Opuh Oils by helping Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Obtain 3 Seeds of Unzhus by helping Argotechnian Hlajm
  • Assemble the Space Salad

Martha the Maid: Do you know how much this salad is? Insane space money! Now it's clear why the bandits attacked the Greenhouse.

On the Way to the Dream Edit

Astronomer Andrew: I want to look at another planet very much! I almost sneaked into the space greenhouse, but a poltergeist appeared out of nowhere and attacked me. How can I now fulfill the dream?

  • Banish the poltergeist, settled down in the Space Greenhouse

Astronomer Andrew: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now I can walk on the hard surface of an alien planet! My dream will come true!

An Interference Edit

Quest Item Mode
The Pensioner's Tracks Leather Folder Reversed Room
Discrediting Evidence Pile of Papers ---
Records from Cameras Wrapper Package Shadows
Dirty Money Cella Crystal ---
The investigation Hatbor's Skull Night

Martha the Maid: Hlajm and I thought that traitor Tar had escaped together with the space pirates. But no! He's somewhere here! Trying to impede our investigation, he's sent a poltergeist to the greenhouse.

  • Banish the poltergeist, settled down in the Space Greenhouse

Martha the Maid: The poltergeist did not have time to interfere with our plans. So Hlajm managed to contact the Galactic Police and tell them the greenhouse had been robbed by the pirates.

Contacting the Police Edit

Martha the Maid: The Galactic Police are ready to arrest old Tar for his cooperation with the space pirates and the cultivation of illegal plants. But you'll have to arrange all materials from our investigation in a special way and put them in a memory matrix.

  • Obtain 3 Nano Scanners by helping Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Obtain 3 Micro Encoders by helping Argotechnician Hlajm
  • Assemble the Memory Matrix

Martha the Maid: You can cope even with the technologies of other planets! We've done the job: returned argotechnican Hlajm to work, exposed traitor Tar who had been growing prohibited plants for space pirates. Now the Galactic Police will deal with him.

Hljam's Chest Contents Edit

  • 150 Silver Tarra Cards
  • 50 Gold Tarra Cards
  • 5 Strawberry Jam
  • 10 Crystal Harp
  • 2 Large Master Set
  • 2 Phase Watch
  • 21 Bell
  • 18 Magnifying Glass
  • 15 Solar Lamp
  • 20 Hammer of Thor
  • 10 Coconut Milk
  • 10 Dragon Coin
  • 10 Summoning Scroll

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