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Relics from A - Z


Air BookEdit

Air Book

See Amulet Quests for quest

Artifacts Compass Rose, Cloud Song, Rain Sparkles, Bird Songs, Noise of Insects
Charges 2 Piece of Parchment + 2 Squid Ink
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For --


Bestiary BookEdit

Bestiary Book

See Amulet Quests for quest

Artifacts Animal Language, Amphibians Croaking, Reptile Rustling, Dragon Rumors, Monster Roars
Charges 3 Piece of Parchment + 3 Squid Ink
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For --

Bone Drum Edit

See Man-Eater for quest

Artifacts Man-Eater Statuette, Tourist Equipment, Search Equipment, 30 Leather Hoops, 35 Bone Pipes
Charges 3 Bags with Sounds + 3 Bags with Bones
Reward 200 XP + 2000 Coins
For Opens the Tourist Camp for Man-Eater event

Bronze KeyEdit

Bronze Key

See Mysterious Living Room for quest

Artifacts Bag with Gifts, Basket of Snowdrops, Bright Necklace, Christmas Tree Ball (friend's Snowman, Elf, Santa Claus), Colorful Flags (Snowman)
Charges 3 Ice Cream Pop + 3 Snow Ball
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens The Mysterious Living Room during Mysterious Living Room event


Carriage KeyEdit

Carriage Key

See Mysterious Express for quest

Artifacts Ancient Locomotive, Ancient Carriage, Bellows' Message, Hat Boxes (friend's Mysterious Passenger), Travelling Bags (Mysterious Passenger)
Charges 3 Dispatcher's Maps + 3 Train Tickets
Reward --
For Opens Locomotive during Mysterious Express event

Circus KeyEdit

Circus Key

See Traveling Circus for quest

Artifacts Aerial Silk, Bright Hula Hoops, Riding Bells, Red Nose (friend's Mime, Juggler, Hunckback), White Gloves (Mime - Traveling Circus)
Charges 2 Torch + 2 Clown Hat
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Circus Tent during Traveling Circus


Dragon KeyEdit

Dragon Key
Artifacts Live Fusion, Dancing Flame, Lever Lock, Volcano Breath, Sparkling Break
Charges 2 X-Tonic Glass + 2 Substance of Darkness
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Dragon Temple during the Pearl Legend event

Dragon TrailEdit

Dragon Trail

See for Friend in Scale for quest

Artifacts Morning Newspaper (Library), Dragon Tooth (Hotel Room), Dragon Egg (Cellar), Dragon Claw (Laboratory), Dragon Blood (Laboratory)
Charges 3 Melted Stone + 3 Dragon Footprint
Reward 100  Xp + 1200  Coins
For Opens Dragon Park


Electronic KeyEdit

Electronic Key

See UFO Crash for quest

Items UFO Map, Power Generator, Ion Ray, Remote Control (Extraterrestrial), Cell Phone (friend's Extraterrestrial)
Charges 2 Energy Splash + 2 Electronic Barrage
Reward 240  Xp + 3200  Coins
For Opens UFO during UFO Crash


Fake MedalEdit

Fake Medal

See Fools for quest

Artifacts Clown's Crown, Venetian Mask, Happy Mood, Funny Flags (friend's Laughing Muse, Queen of Clowns, King of Clowns), Silk Scarves (Laughing Muse)
Charges 2 Milk Chocolate + 2 Bunch of Grapes
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For Opens Mirror Study during Fools event

Frosty KeyEdit

Frosty Key

See Ice Castle for quest

Artifacts Magic Clock-Face, Ice Crown, Fire Mirror, Ice Roses (Snow Queen), Crystal Tulips (friend's Snow Queen)
Charges 2 Aurora Lights + 2 Milky Way
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Castle of Ice during Ice Castle


Gas BurnerEdit

Gas Burner

See Hot Air Balloon for quest

Artifacts Hot Air Balloon, Sky Gondola, Balloonist's Backpack, Bags with Dry Load (Balloonist Billy), Rescue Flare (Balloonist Billy)
Charges 2 Tail Wind + 2 Winds of Adventure
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Paris Airfield during Hot Air Balloon event


Haunted KeyEdit

Haunted Key

See Mysterious Tower for quest

Artifacts Old Map, Secret Trail, Magician's Mortar, Hunting Glove (Cyclop), Plumed Hat (friend's Cyclop)
Charges 2 Wood Oil + 2 Graphite Grease
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Tower during Mysterious Tower event

Holiday KeyEdit

Holiday Key

See Birthday of the Game for quest

Artifacts Red Chest, Orange Chest, Yellow Chest, Green Chest, Light Blue Chest
Charges 2 Shimmering Aventurine + 2 Bright Labradorite
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Holiday Living Room during Birthday of the Game

Horror KeyEdit

See Halloween for quests

Horror Key
Artifacts Pumpkin Pie, Black Ring, Mr. Pumpkin Head, Holiday Pumpkin (friend's Skeleton Knight, Frankenstein, Mr. Pumpkin), Licorice Twists (Skeleton Knight, Frankenstein, Mr. Pumpkin)
Charges 2 Stick Candy + 2 Bright Candle
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Pumpkin Patch during Halloween




Lifeguard TowerEdit

Lifeguard Tower

See Blue Abyss for quest

Artifacts Digital Tester, Dusky Valise, Beach Pleasure, Wooden Oar (Root-Mouthed Jellyfish), Flotation Ring (friend's Root-Mouth Jellyfish)
Charges 2 Marine Binoculars + 2 Floating Line
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Seine Embankment during Blue Abyss event

Limo KeyEdit

Limo Key

See Limo for quest

Artifacts Antishock Potion, Packed Suitcase, Robot Mary, Suede Glove (Legacy Keeper), Suede Scarf (friend's Legacy Keeper)
Charges 2 Topaz Ring + 2 Porcelain Cup
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Limo during Limo event

Lord of Storms Edit

See Blooming Oasis for quest

Artifacts Power Symbol, Princess Legacy, Witch Trial, Ibis Feather (Pharaoh Anmitep), Salamander Lamp (friends' Pharaoh Anmitep)
Charges 3 Wind of Sahara + 3 Algae of the Nile
Reward 200  Xp + 2000  Coins
For Opens the Blooming Oasis during the Blooming Oasis event

Lovers' KeyEdit

Lovers' Key

See St. Valentine's Day for quest

Artifacts Love Message, Dove Cage, Passion Weapon, Sweet Cherry (friend's Cupid, Dove Seller, Little Valentine Note), Golden Ribbons (Dove Seller)
Charges 2 Dove Feather + 2 Smiley
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Romantic Living Room during St. Valentine's Day

Luggage of Gifts Edit

Luggage of Gifts

See Men and Mermaids for quest

Artifacts Mermaid Trident, Sea Treaty, Mermaid Comb, Flower Ambrosia (Octopus), Fragrant Nectar (Neighbors' Octopus)
Charges 3 Pearl Shine + 3 Marine Gemstones
Reward 200  Xp + 2000  Coins
For Opens the Floating City during Men and Mermaids


Map of the CaveEdit

Map of the cave

See A Cave behind the Waterfall for quest

Artifacts Encrypted Journal, Time Catcher, Archeologist's Box, Flint of Ordeal (Caveman), Flame of Achievement (friend's Caveman)
Charges 2 Staff of Patience + 2 Torch of Wisdom
Reward --
For Opens Cave during A Cave behind the Waterfall event

Mayan PyramidEdit

Mayan Pyramid
Artifacts Voodoo Necklace, Voodoo Sandals, Voodoo Mask, Voodoo Stick, Voodoo Breechcloth
Charges 2 Phianite Stone + 2 Fire Dust
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For --

Museum KeyEdit

Museum Key
Artifacts Explorer's Certificate, Museum Order, Photon Trap, Discrete Analyser (Fiery Phoenix), Fiery Feather (friend's Fiery Phoenix)
Charges 2 Red Light Emitting Diode + 2 Green Light Emitting Diode
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Museum of Natural History during Dinner in Museum event



Old MillerEdit

Old Miller

See Mill Mystery for quest

Artifacts Bright Fabric, Anti Werewolf Potion, Mill Tower, Olive Oil (Bigfoot), Canvas Towel (friend's Bigfoot)
Charges 2 Fuel Lantern + 2 Large Candle
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens The Paint Mill during Mill Mystery


Painted SecretEdit

Painting Secret

See Missing Painting for quest

Artifacts Rune Tablet, Hieroglph of Happiness, Pathway Pictogram, Sheet of Papyrus (Artist Ghost), Sheet of Parchment (friend's Artist Ghost)
Charges 2 Goose Quill + 2 Penknife
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens Artist's Studio during Missing Painting event

Powers of EarthEdit

Powers of Earth

See Major Quests for quest

Artifacts Carnival Mask, Cracked Stained-Glass, Lace Umbrella, Explorer's Kaleidoscope, Mother-of-Pearl Bead Necklace
Charges 2 Peat Pellets + Gas Explosion
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For Open portal to Japanese Mysteries

Power of FireEdit

Power of Fire

See Major Quests for quest

Artifacts Star Map, Icy Glimmer, Pellet Postcard, Celestial Dream Book, Migration Sapphire
Charges 2 Fire Dust + 2 Substance of Darkness
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For Open portal to Times of knights

Power of WaterEdit

Power of Water

See Major Quests for quest

Artifacts Malachite Jewelry-Box, Perpetuum Mobile, Mystic Drink, Amber Box, Philosopher's Stone
Charges 1 X-Tonic Glass + 1 Phianite Stone
Reward 200  Xp + 2000  Coins
For Open portal to Secrets of Paris

Power of WindEdit

Power of Wind

See Major Quests for quest

Artifacts Knight's Medallion, Astronomer's Telescope, Precious Comb, Mechanical Heart, Golden Reed Pipe
Charges 2 Space Whirlpool + 2 Phianite Stone
Reward 400  Xp + 4000  Coins
For Open portal to Venice Canals



Ring of OblivionEdit

Ring of Oblivion

See Lairiel's Voice for quest

Artifacts Lunar Ring, Crystal Cup, Time Transformations, Power Cup, Harbinger of Storm
Charges 2 Fiery Flash + 2 Halo of Power
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Dungeons during Lairiel's Voice

Roaring MegaphoneEdit

Roaring Megaphone

See Cinema in Paris for quest

Artifacts Ghost's Rider, Mystical Script, Makeup Artist Bag, Magical Notes (Movie Mummy), Mate Film (friend's Move Mummy)
Charges 2 Scenario + 2 Director's Cap
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Opens the Movie Set during Cinema in Paris event


Scroll of DepthsEdit

Scroll of Depths

See Amulet Quests for quest

Artifacts Mountain Roar, Silence of Caves, Secret of Minerals, Jewelry Glare, Rustling Sands
Charges 3 Piece of Parchment + 3 Squid Ink
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins



See Groundhog Day for quest

Artifacts Snow Storm, Tropical Rain, Atlantic Storm, Desert Heat, Morning Fog
Charges 2 Oak Leaf + 2 Crystal Snowflake
Reward 300  Xp + 3000  Coins
For Opens the Underground Labyrinths during Groundhog Day

Solar PlasmaEdit

Solar Plasma
Artifacts Torch of Temptation, Giant's Power, Multicolored Pot, Phial of Defense, Eternity Engine (all Hobbit Hut)
Charges 2 Shining Acid, 2 Tranquility Impulse
Reward 500  Xp + 5000  Coins
For --

Solar WindEdit

Solar Wind
Artifacts Nickel Gel, Indigo of Stone, Dying Blaze, Monarch's Key, Glow of Absolute Power
Charges 2 Atomic Explosion + 2 Space Whirlpool
Reward 500  Xp + 5000  Coins
For --


Theater InvitationEdit

Theater Invitation

See Opera Theater for quest

Artifacts Old Poster, Spring Flowers, Old Map, White Chalk (Bill Poster), Paper Rose (friend's Bill Poster, Trumpet Player, Bellman)
Charges 3 Daisy + 3 Yellow Paint
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Open the Opera theater during Opera Theater event

Toy DustEdit

Toy Dust

See Toy Shop for quest

Artifacts Live Doll, Bag of Toys, Trap with Phenomena, Flower Honey, Dry Sawdust
Charges 3 Flower Scent + 3 Silk Shining
Reward 200  Xp + 2000  Coins
For Open the Toy Shop during Toy Shop event

Twilight GangwayEdit

Twilight Gangway
Artifacts Magic Rigging Ropes, Ship Journal, Captain's Journal, Marine Torch (Mermaid), Siren Light (friend's Mermaid)
Charges 2 Invisible Southwester + 3 Ghost Trench
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Open Pirate Ship during Pirate Treasures event



Vampire's HeartEdit

Vampire's Heart

See Masquerade Ball of Vampires for quest

Artifacts Homunculus's Mind, Vampire's Manuscript, Mysterious Invitation, Magnetic Arc (Friendly Homunculus), Electric Arc (friend's Friendly Homunculus)
Charges 2 Silver Cup + 2 Old Signet Ring
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Open the Vampire Ball during Masquerade Ball of Vampires


Wedding InvitationEdit

Wedding Invitation

See Monsters Wedding for quest

Artifacts Flower Garland, Magic Tray, Invisibility Potion, White Balloons (Best Man), Black Balloons (friend's Best Man)
Charges 2 Mistletoe Flower + 2 Heather Branch
Reward 450  Xp + 4500  Coins
For Open Wedding Gazebo during Monsters Wedding



Yellow ChestEdit

Yellow Chest

See Birthday of the Game for quest

Artifacts Ring of Good Luck (Hotel Room), Cap of Hades (Boat), Bunch of Lilies (Café), May Thunder (Boat), Fireball (Museum of Perfumes)
Charges 2 Silver Bell-Flower + 2 Golden Bell-Flower
Reward 140  Xp + 2600  Coins
For Holiday Key during Birthday of the Game