Music Palace 01
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The atmosphere in the museum is very harmonic and mysterious. If you listen very closely you will hear the sounds of variuos musical instruments. This museum has a rich collection of sheet music. It also...

Unlock 115.000 Coins
(or 55  Gem)
Entry fee 45 energy
Duration permanent
Search fee max. 65 energy

Items to GetEdit

Special Items are things you can only get here and nowhere else. Regulars can be found in several locations. There are no dedicated quests for finding regulars, at least not after you have found them for the first time. After the quest, specials are getting regular.

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp, Magic Magnifying Glass
Helpers Dragon Egg, Harlequin's Hat, Pirate's Cocked Hat, Pirate Treasures, Card of Spades, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Paranormal Trap, Genie's Dwelling, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask
Maya Rune Chests Small, Middle and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Middle and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunar Nectar, Honey Drink, Sweet Roots, Sugar Cane, Azure Grapes
Trophy Melodies of Perfection
Special Items Codified Composition: Chiming Clock, Bell Fragment, Diamond Scissors, Gnome's Cap, Casanova's Mask
White Shell: Siren Song


For quests please look at the Quests page!

Search ThingiesEdit

Music Palace - Accordion
Music Palace - Apple
Music Palace - Balloon
Bow Tie
Music Palace - Bow Tie
Colorful Candy
Music Palace - Colorful Candy
Double Sharp
Music Palace - Double Sharp
Music Palace - Feather
G Clef
Music Palace - G Clef
Music Palace - Gramophone
Music Palace - Headphones
Music Palace - Metronome
Music Palace - Microphone
Music Palace - Nightingale
Music Palace - Saxophone
Music Palace - Shell
Sign "Do not honk!"
Music Palace - Sign - Do not honk!
Sleigh Bells
Music Palace - Sleigh Bells
Music Palace - Slippers
Music Palace - Stork
Straw Hat
Music Palace - Straw Hat
Music Palace - Tulip
Venice Mask
Music Palace - Venice Mask
Vinyl Disc
Music Palace - Vinyl Disc
Violin Bow
Music Palace - Violin Bow
Music Palace - Whisk