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The Movie Set is a special room related to the Cinema in Paris event. After the event is expired, the location can't be visited anymore.

Unlock Roaring Megaphone
Entry fee 36 Energy
Duration Event related
Search fee max. 55 Energy



  • 3 PlasmaCup
  • 3 Beverage
  • 3 Vectordiagram
  • 3 Eventhorizon


FilmFanDragon Type: Film Fan Dragon
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 24.000
Feed Times: 60
Room Time: 4 h


Organizer 3Summon, 20Silvertarra, 20Goldtarra, 1Talisknowledge, 2Eventhorizon, 2Vectordiagram, 2Beverage, 2PlasmaCup, 10Honeytoffee
Generous 10Silvertarra, 10Goldtarra, 2Summon, 1Talisexperience, 2Beverage, 2Vectordiagram, 2PlasmaCup, 10Dandelionjuice
Lucky 1Summon, 5Silvertarra, 5Goldtarra, 1Eventhorizon, 1Beverage, 10Rubypomegranate, 1Piggybank
Valuable 2Silvertarra, 2Goldtarra, 10Deliciousblueberries, 1PlasmaCup, 1Vectordiagram

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers  Ghosttrap  Phialofdarkness  Oldamphora
Energy Sources  Soda  Energyjam  Etherealcatalyst  Biomodule
Gadgets  Bell  Hammerofthor  Phasewatch  Solarlamp  Magnifyer
Helpers Dragonegg Freshdew Silicon  Geniesdwelling  Paranormaltrap Brightbutton Thorium Goldmask
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunarnectar Honeydrink Sweetroots Sugarcane Azuregrapes
Special Items Filming Equipment: Camera Crane, Illumination Tool, Clapstick, Microphone Boom Arm, Film Camera
Scattered Scenery: Copper Lamp, Cuckoo Clock, Magic Carpet, Coral Necklace, Chess Board


Filming EquipmentEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Night Rehearsal Film Camera Movie Set -- --
Camera Man Camera Crane Movie Set Puzzle --
Light and Darkness Illumination Tool Movie Set Night any
Roll the Cameras! Slate! Clapstick
Microphone Boom Arm
Movie Set --
Filming is in full swing Find 2 Electric Cables
Find 2 Tripods
Secrets of Paris -- --

Prosper Bull: The position of the Movie Camera, all the Illumination Tools and the Microphone change after each scene. The Makeup Artist fixes the makeup of the artists. I wonder how it is possible not to get confused with all this equipment. The Movie Mummy renders its assistance to the crew again.

Prosper Bull: Finally it's time to take a break. It is either a late dinner, or a very early breakfast. The sun will rise soon. The Ghosts will leave to take a rest. The first day of filming was very tense. The Director looks exhausted and is wiping sweat from his forehead. When the break is over, the crew will continue their work.

Mummy in FilmEdit

You receive this quest before assembling the Filming Equipment.

Prosper Bull: In the first scene of the movie a small Ghost walked out of a wall and walked out through an old mirror. The movie crew had to take several retakes of this scene and asked the Mummy for help.

Prosper Bull: The first motion film was shown 120 years ago. The viewers were shocked to see their everyday reality on film. They saw a train arriving to the train station, a dancing pantomime, and festivities at a trade fair.

Bonus from Film DirectorEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Lamp Copper Lamp Night --
Filming Challenges Cuckoo Clock Jumbled --
Sorceress' Help Magic Carpet -- Ghost
Gift from Sweetheart Coral Necklace Shadows --
Ghosts' Games Chess Board -- Ghost

Prosper Bull: The filming of the movie is coming to an end. Now it's the time for the develpoers, editors, rates, and advertising agencies to do some work. The first movie about Ghosts is coming out very soon.

Prosper Bull: My dear friends, you have also taken a very active part in the filming process. Some of you helped us as designers and scene painters. Others played in crowd scenes. That's why you deserve a surprise bonus from the Movie Director!

Last ShotsEdit

You receive this quest before assembling the Scattered Scenery.

Eleanor: My artistic performance in creating makeup images for the actors has been highly recognized not only by the Movie Director but also by the Movie Mummy. I have become really involved in the process of transforming our mysterious guests into movie actors. Moreover, I have gained a better understanding of them and of their nature.

  • Explore the Movie Set in Reversed Room mode
  • Help the Mummy

Eleanor: Once again I would like to say that his work would not be possible without the help of our dear Professor. All of us are missing him terribly and we can't wait to see him back home as soon as possible.

Get the reward!Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it, be sure that you check your  Energy and  Xp status. If you're short before levelling up and still have  Energy, make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

Search ThingiesEdit

Animal Poster
Movie Set7
Bag of Groceries
Movie Set12
Movie Set18
Movie Set19
Director's Cap
Movie Set20
Movie Set22
Female Hat
Movie Set23
Movie Set24
Fire Extinguisher
Movie Set25
Movie Set2
Movie Set3
Movie Set4
Life Saver
Movie Set5
Makeup Brush
Movie Set6
Movie Set21
Polaroid Photo
Movie Set8
Radio Set
Movie Set9
Movie Set10
Movie Set11
Taxi Checkers
Movie Set13
Movie Set14
Movie Set15
Movie Set16
Movie Set17
Movie Set26