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Probably everybody dreamed of their own Secret Den as a child. But when a little girl has a huge combat robot as a doll, it is hard to find common grounds with her! What is hidden in her Secret Den?

Help the girl Toto Takawa and maybe she will lift the veil of Professor's disappearance.

You will need to assemble one Family Archive for this event. The artifacts can be found from Toto Takawa at your neighbors' places. You may assemble as many as you like.

Meeting Preparations Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Valuable Witness Lollipop Cafe --- ---
Uncommon Hobbies Samurai Sword Dungeon Shadows ---
Mechanical Friend Toy Robot Hotel --- ---
Sweet Gift Slice of Pie Cafe Night ---
Beauty in Things Spike Bracelet Museum of Perfume --- ---

Butler Alfred: I am still not sure I can get along with Toto. I would like to assure her that I am a friend... Could you help me gather Takawa family archive and find something valuable for her, a scarf maybe, I promise to give her this when I meet her.

  • Assemble one Family Archive
  • Get 3 Skull Scarves by helping Toto Takawa.
  • Assemble the Talk Subject.

Butler Alfred: It seems now I have something to talk to Toto Takawa about so I can find out under what circumstances did she meet Professor Bellows.


Perfect Pet Edit

Butler Alfred: Toto Takawa has already answered some of my questions. The girl seems not to trust me but still I could find out that Bellows made her a present. It is a Combat Robot. I wanted to have a look at it but faced a dragon. Please, do something...

  • Organize an expedition and feed the dragon.
  • Explore the Secret Den (see there for further tasks)

Butler Alfred: Have you already seen Toto's combat robot? I am dying to see it! Little girl controlling a huge and deadly machine is so extraordinary and so strange... She is defending against someone! Dragon was guarding her.

Reward Mechanical Casket Edit

You will receive the Mechanical Casket when you complete this event. It contains:

  • 120 Silvertarra, 100 Goldtarra
  • 10 Summon
  • 7  Oldamphora, 7  Paranormaltrap, 7  Anaglyphglasses
  • 5  Bell, 5  Phasewatch, 5  Magnifyer, 5  Solarlamp
  • 10 Azuregrapes, 10 Bluecheese
  • 10 Fieryseal, 10 Paperlantern, 10 Latinscroll, 10 Crystalharp, 10 Dragoncoin, 15 Dragontablet
  • 30,000  Coins

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