The Bellows ManorEdit

Bellows Manor is where you start your journey through RoM. In the middle is the portal which you have to build up first and can then enter the other maps through it.

Bellows Manor starts with 7 locations to search:

During your journey you build up here:

Secrets of ParisEdit

The portal is in the Eiffel Tower. You have to search the locations:

Times of KnightsEdit

Then comes the Times of Knight, offering:

The portal is in the stone bow on the lower part of the map.

Venice CanalsEdit

Welcome to Venice! The portal is in the middle and you search through:

Japanese MysteriesEdit

  • Sushi Bar
  • Fish Public Market
  • Emperor's Wagon
  • House of Tomorrow
  • Horror Park
  • Dojo

Valley of MagiciansEdit

The locations are: 

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