Limo klein
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The story of an expensive Limo left at the gates of the Manor sounds intriguing. The vehicle belongs to a wealthy Heiress. Let's see what this story is about and how it continues. Don't waste your time! Unlock the Limo door!

The Inheritance Keeper has arrived. He learned about the girl's tragedy and decided to help her. Once you combine your efforts you'll be able to identify the girl and find our who is guilty of everything that has happened to her.

You will receive a Business Case as an award for your help. The Case is extremly valuable!

Medicine for MaryEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Receipe Receipe Book Library Shadows
Extract Refreshing Extract Study --
Syrup Strawberry Syrup Dungeon Jumbled
Still Still Laboratory --
Super Mixer Super Mixer Observatory Reverse

Melissa: I will need your help in making the Potion. We must turn the Mixer on and find the Fuel for the Still. Only then we'll be able to bring our guest back to life. By the way, her name is Mary.

Melissa: Great work and a perfect result! We've made the Potion which will cure the girl who has been hurt by the Ghosts. I was very surprised to learn that the Ghosts had attacked her. This kind of behavior is very uncommon of them. All this is very suspicious!

Noise in the DungeonEdit

Butler Alfred: We have found the Ghost who attacked Mary and scared her to death. He escaped in the Dungeon. We must chase him away before he does any more harm. Once we take care of this we can heal the injured girl.

  • Chase away the Poltergeist from the Dungeon

Butler Alfred: You've done a great job! We've brought Mary back to life by giving her the Potion which we made with your help. Because of you the girl feels well again.

Full SuitcaseEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Missing Items Suitcase Study Night
Favourite Toy Teddy Bear Library --
Make Up Makeup Kit Cellar Puzzle
Phone Numbers Mary's Cell Phone Observatory --
Mary's Cell Phone Mary's Wrist Watch Laboratory Shadows

Butler Alfred: Let's pack all Mary's belongings back into the Suitcase and return them to the girl. We just need to charge her Cell Phone and fix the Talking Teddy Bear.

Butler Alfred: Great job! Mary will be happy to get all her things back. She probably needs to start packing soon. Her uncle Jack is waiting for her.

New ThreatEdit

Ulrich Achenbach: The vicious Ghost has appeared in the Manor again! I think he is following the girl whose Limo has broken in front of our Manor. Is someone trying to keep Mary from meeting her uncle Jack? I wonder why all this is happening.

  • Chase away the Genies from the Study.

Ulrich Achenbach: The vicious Ghost has been chased away! Thank you! Nothing threatens our lovely guest any more. However, I am afraid that Mary cannot stay here long. It may be dangerous for her.

Revival of the InanimateEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Missing Robot Servant Robot Dungeon Reverse
Processor Master Processor Study --
Engine Electric Engine Laboratory Jumbled
Reactor Mesionic Reactor Observatory --
Memory Memory Crystal Dungeon Night

Butler Alfred: Melissa and Andrew told me that they would never be able to fix Mary's Robot without your help. Therefore, they believe that only you can finish this work.

Butler Alfred: While the Hotstart revived the Robot the Black Isotope started the reactor. Everything has worked just fine! Now the Robot is going to unlock the Limo, and Mary will continue her trip.

Limo KeyEdit

You get no special quest for the Limo Key. This are the items that are still missing:

Visit the Limo Carriage.

Reward: Business CaseEdit

The chest contains:
  • Tarra Cards: 100Silvertarra, 100Goldtarra
  • Summon: 10
  • Energizer: 1 Strawberryjam
  • Expedition Items: 10Crystalharp, 10Paperlantern, 20Dragoncoin, 10Lunarfirefly, 10Dragontablet, 10Fieryseal, 10Latinscroll
  • Dragon Food: 10Azuregrapes, 10Bluecheese
  • Charges: 10 random
  •  Coins: 40,000
  •  Xp: 1,000
  • Trophy: Inheritance