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What just happened? The year seasons are out of order in the Manor. Frost came instead of warmth and cold snowflakes fall to earth instead of sun rays. What is it, a trick of the wicked wizard Ternbull or another distortion of time?

You shall have to help the residents of the Manor to make aquaintance with the mysterious and cold Snow Queen, melt her ice heart with gifts - sparkling diamonds and crystal snowflakes. Only then she will help to restore the seasons order.

Find the Ice Crown, assemble the magic mirrors and help the Snow Queen to return to her Ice Castle. The magic Mirror Chest will be your reward.

Sudden SnowfallEdit

Martha the Maid: Andrew, just look outdoors! Winter is far away but the snow has been falling all night long. It has covered all the ground. Take a break from your experiments and look out of the window. See, Alfred is making a snowman and playing snowballs with neighbouring children.

Astronomer Andrew: Oh, I was not conducting any experiments. I had to work all night. Something beyond all recognition happened. The whole lot of phenomena was rushing about my laboratory sweeping away everything on iits way. It seems that hundreds of portals opened simultaneously.

Snow QueenEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Nature's Mysteries Snow White Observatory Jumbled --
Time Spring Spring of Time Laboratory Night --
Winter Fun Autumn Juiciness Dungeon Reverse any
Ternbull's Wizardy Summer Bright Dungeon Puzzle --
Spring in Gazebo Spring Green Cellar Jumbled --

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Yes, practically everything to reverse the time magic is ready except the hour and minute wheels. Do you think the Snow Queen will help us?

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Your Snow Majesty, we are absolutely greatful for your help. But we suppose that you too are interested to turn the time back to its course. I hope we become friends, Snow Queen.

Ice CrownEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Snow Magic Snow Stillness Study Night --
Snow Storm Snow Storm Library Shadows --
Need Some Ice --
Ice Hummocks
Ice Sky Ice Sky Laboratory Puzzle --
Frosty Phenomena -- Observatory
-- any
Frosen Butler Winter Twilight Cellar Jumbled --

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Well done, friends. Applying some magic to assemble the ice crown. Oh no, I do not have enough snowflakes for its decoration. And I have already completed the spell. No time to search for the snowflakes! Ask them from the Snow Queen, hurry.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Great, Just look at the amazing crown for our unexpected guest. Your Snow Majesty, please receive this humble Ice Crown as a symbol of our deepest respects.

Fire MirrorEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Way to Ice Castle Red Candle Dungeon -- --
Fire Burning Yellow Candle Library Shadows --
Orange Flame Orange Candle Library Reverse --
Lights from Space Blue Candle Observatory Night --
Cosmic Phenomena -- Observatory Jumbled any
Beam of Hope GreenCandle Library Shadows --

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Martha, it is great. Especially, when we are able to light up the fire mirror. We need all our knowledge and intitution now. I hope the Snow Queen will agree to help us once more.

Martha the Maid: Look - another miracle. The fire mirror melted away all ice hummocks and the way to the Ice Castle is now free. The magic worked. The Snow Queen can return back to her castle and the time will take back its course.

Ice FlowersEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Martha, hold on. We need a magic key to open the Ice Castle. Fire miror works for a short period of time so we have to ask our neighbors for help.

Martha the Maid: I never saw ice flowers, they are so beautiful. They sparkle like diamonds. But they are so fragile and helpless, they can break or melt from fire.

Magic of IceEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: The most amazing thing is that the Frosty Key we need so badly is very vulnerable. It can only exist in the lands of eternal frost in the kingdom of the Snow Queen. So once more we need the help of Her Majesty.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: I would have never guessed that the cold energy of Aurora Lights and the cosmic energy of the Milky-way grant the Frosty Key its magic properties to open the Ice Castle.

Sourcery of IceEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: There are much more obstacles on our way. Just look at this huge Ice dragon guarding the entrance to the castle. He can freeze us with his ice breath in a second. I will have to use the ice magic again.

  • Organize an Expedition to the Ice Dragon and feed him.
  • Explore the Ice Castle

(further quests see there)
Felicia the Fortuneteller: Fellows, we do not have much time to open the Ice Castle and assemble all the charms reversing the time. So hurry up. Hope everyone is warmly dressed.

Reward: Mirror ChestEdit

The chest contains:
  • Tarra Cards: 150Silvertarra, 100Goldtarra
  • Summon: 15
  • Energizer: 1 Strawberryjam, 1 Energyoftime
  • Runes: 2 Large Master Maya Sets
  • Pouch of Pearls (1)
  • Gadgets: 10 Bell, 10 Phasewatch, 10 Solarlamp, 10 Hammerofthor, 10 Problemsolver
  • Charges: 1 random
  •  Coins: 35,000
  • Trophy: Ice Tranquility