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The Birthday Living Room is a special room related to the Birthday of the Game event. After the event is expired, the location can't be visited anymore.

Unlock Holiday Key
Entry fee 36 Energy
Duration Event related
Search fee max. 55 Energy


Holiday Living RoomEdit

Prosper Bull: Now we would like to invite you to our Holiday Living Room. Please, come in and feel free yourself at home. Would you like to see your favorite Dragons here? They ran away as soon as they heard that the Professor is returning home. Apparently the Dragons are really afraid of the Professor's research discoveries.

  • Explore the Holiday Living Room

Prosper Bull: Do you like our Living Room? Yes, it is that very Mysterious Living Room which becomes visible only during holidays. Today this room is decorated for the Birthday celebration. I suppose that all of us can say that it's our birthday because the game wouldn't be developing without you, my dear friends.

Dark Blue ChestEdit

This chest is not listed in the weekly quest overview window but the tasks are coming as usual.

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Valuable Lace Blond Lace -- Poltergeist
Rock of Destiny Bright Topaz Jumbled --
Dragon Stone Dragon Glass -- --
May Discovery May Bug Shadows --
Strange Camellia Camellia Flower -- --

Melissa: Our Ghosts gave you very unusual gifts. Hopefully you will appreciate their attention and won't be very frustrated when the Ghosts appear at our celebration without any invitation. I would like you to be happy because today is our holiday!.

Melissa: The Ghosts would like you to enjoy the dark blue sunsets on the sea shore. The dark blue color brings the sensation of eternity to life.

Purple ChestEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Rooms of Memory Tree of Life -- --
Flying Flower Flying Butterfly Reverse --
Rigor and Brevity Adamant Ring -- --
Magical Pyramid Magical Pyramid Night --
Dream Catcher Dream Catcher -- Poltergeist

Prosper Bull: We have filled the Purple Chest with gifts which bring wisdom and mental growth. The Birthday celebration was a success! The gifts are just wonderful! Let's enhance the purple color of the chest with Clouded Ribbons and yellow honey shades..

Prosper Bull: The most important gift for you is from Professor Bellows! He sent it through the Time Portals so that you could enjoy our company. Dear friends, please be happy! We hope that our gifts will help you to stay in a happy state of mind.

Search ThingiesEdit

Balloon Dog
Holiday Living Room-18
Holiday Living Room-19
Holiday Living Room-15
Holiday Living Room-20
Chocolate Candy
Holiday Living Room-22
Holiday Living Room-23
Clown Boot
Holiday Living Room-24
Colorful Candy
Holiday Living Room-25
Digit 1
Holiday Living Room-11
Holiday Living Room-1
Holiday Living Room-2
Holiday Living Room-4
Holiday Living Room-6
Musketeer's Hat
Holiday Living Room-3
Holiday Living Room-7
Paper Lantern
Holiday Living Room-8
Paper Plane
Holiday Living Room-10
Photo Camera
Holiday Living Room-21
Holiday Living Room-9
Holiday Living Room-12
Holiday Living Room-5
Holiday Living Room-13
Teddy Bear
Holiday Living Room-14
Holiday Living Room-16
Holiday Living Room-17