Hobbithut klein
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The entrance door of this hut is uniquely round. It is painted bright green, and has a shining copper handle in the middle. Even Professor Bellows has never seen the mysterious owner of this hut.


10 Silky Braid, 20 Colorful Flowers, 30 Tree Branches, 40 Brave Hearts, 1 Aristocratic Brooch, 80 Ruby Cowberries

Entry fee 36 energy + 5 Ruby Cowberries
Duration 72 hours
Search fee max. X energy + 5 Ruby Cowberries

Items to GetEdit

Special Items are things you can only get here and nowhere else. Regulars can be found in several locations. There are no dedicated quests for finding regulars, at least not after you have found them for the first time. After the quest, specials are getting regular.

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Hammer of Thor, Bell, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp, Magic Magnifying Glass
Helpers Dragon Egg, Copper Rivets, Roll of Canvas, Straw Bale, Fruit Tartlet, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Paranormal Trap, Genie's Dwelling, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large
Dragon Food Lunar Nectar, Honey Drink, Sweet Roots, Sugar Cane, Azure Grapes
Trophy Halfling's House
Special Items

Multicolored Pot: Mammoth Tusk, Lion Figure, Golden Horn, Narwhal Tusk, Copper Snaffle

Giant's Power: Sharp Hatchet, Birch Basket, Diamond Ashberry, Eting's Knife, Ring of Will

Phial of Defense: Ring of Adventures, Crystal Crown, Eting Figure, Cranberry Punch, Power Pumpkin

Eternity Engine: Mechanical Glasses, Clairvoyance Kaleidoscope, Dexterity Bracelet, Explorer's Butterfly, Book of Discoveries

Torch of Temptation: Cane Ball, Comet Fragment, Emerald Harp, Wreath of Strength, Jade Necklace

Quests to prepare the VisitEdit

Mutual SupportEdit

Melissa: In order to meet mysterious in the forest of your friend and then help these creatures you need to be a kind person. You should also blend into the world which surrounds those forest creatures. You will always be awarded for friendship and collaboration!

  • Help the fairy-tale creatures at your friends' places and receive 10 Brave Hearts from them

Melissa: Now our forest has not only new creatures but also some new material objects which fly in through the Portal. It is not very clear at the moment which powers, good or bad ones control this process.

Be aware that the creatures and ghosts at friends places are only for you. Your neighbors can't see them and it has no influence on the game of others whether you help the creatures or not. You can see there also creatures from maps which you haven't reached yet. Hearts are only from Trees, Dryads and Unicorns where you need Refreshing Dew to help.

Balance of MatterEdit

Melissa: From the Diary: "The disturbed balance may shift the potential of paranormal space energy in the direction of matter destruction or time loss. To prevent troubles, the senior elemental who is the master of powers must always take the side of the Portal Keeper."

  • Help mysterious creatures and use the items which you receive from them to assemble the Aristocratic Brooch.

Melissa: You are doing a great job! We are happy that according to the Professor's will the humanity has finally got a new Portal keeper who is concerned about the future of the universe. Please finish this business! You need to close the gate to the parallel world!

Item Creature Location
Silkworm Pod Tree, Dryad, Unicorn Friends' Places
Diamond Acorn Tree Bellows Manor
Delightful Wreath Tree Bellows Manor
Lucky Clover Dryad Bellows Manor
Fern Flower Unicorn Bellows Manor

You need 4 Heats of Fire from the Dryad and 4 Electric Charges from the Unicorn.


You receive the quests for all items of an artifact at a bunch, so the order in which you will find the items may vary. Each quest is timed at 72 h. Sometimes the last quest (for assembling the Solar Plasma) only appears at a 2nd visit in the Hobbit Hut.

As always: Don't assemble the artifacts with the popup. Close the popup and use the quest otherwise it does not count!

Solar PlasmaEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Birch Basket Birch Basket Shadows --
Ring of Will Ring of Will Night --
Diamond Ashberry Diamond Ashberry -- --
Sharp Hatchet Sharp Hatchet -- --
Eting's Knife Eting's Knife -- --

Melissa: From the Diary: "Relics originate from the Sun. Humans however have never been on the Sun and therefore they cannot create Relics. Still, if some parallel world activity starts taking place on the Earth, the Portal keeper will have to find the source of this energy."

Melissa: You've managed to help mysterious creatures. This means that you will be able to assemble that unique relic too! We, the residdents of the Manor, believe that you can do it. The professor has indeed found himself a great replacement!

Natural DisastersEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Wreath of Strength Wreath of Strength -- --
Emerald Harp Emerald Harp Reverse --
Jade Necklace Jade Necklace -- --
Cane Ball Cane Ball Jumbled --
Comet Fragment Comet Fragment -- --

Melissa: From the Diary: "Artifacts which are pieces of the Solar Plasma are created by mysterious creatures who came to our world. These creatures are pieces of natural powers. They have absolutely inhuman talents."

Melissa: Interacting with mysterious creatures, you acquire unique skills and talents which are invested in Artifacts. You are collecting these Artifacts at the moment. Try to be careful when exploring because natural powers can be dangerous!

With the Flow of TimeEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Figure of a Lion Figure of a Lion Shadows --
Mammoth Tusk Mammoth Tusk -- --
Narwhal Tusk Narwhal Tusk -- --
Golden Horn Golden Horn -- --
Copper Snaffle Copper Snaffle Night --

Melissa: From the Diary: "Time paradoxes which occur in our world limit the flow of the parallel time. That's why the parallel time does not match our regular time. However, the Portal keeper will have to get used to the different flow of time. He will have to travel into this time more often that he usually would."

Melissa: Congratulations! You've already got several unique Artifacts. Be careful though! Natural powers are starting to acquire new unknown forms. It is the time for you to think how to use the unique Relic and where it may take you.

Worlds and EventsEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Ring of Adventures Ring of Adventures -- --
Crystal Crown Crystal Crown Jumbled --
Eating Figure Eting Figure -- --
Cranberry Punch Cranberry Punch Reverse --
Power Pumpkin Power Pumpkin -- --

Melissa: From the Diary: "The events which take place in the parallel world may differ from the events in our world. The differences between these events may be both minor and major." We are getting close to our goal. Let's finish exploring this dreamlike Hut!

Melissa: We have succeeded in exploring the dreamlike Hut and finding a good approach to the mysterious creatures! Now we have almost all Artifacts! Are you ready to travel to another reality? I believe that you can do it!

Echo of the FutureEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Mechanical Glasses Mechanical Glasses Shadows --
Clairvoyance Kaleidoscope Clairvoyance Kaleidoscope -- --
Dexterity Bracelet Dexterity Bracelet -- --
Explorer's Butterfly Explorer's Butterfly Night --
Book of Discoveries Book of Discoveries -- --

Melissa: This way or another other reality interferes with our everyday life in this world. Mysterious creatures are only first harbingers of the events that are possible in the future. Now you've got a chance to travel not only in time but also in other material dimensions.

Melissa: Congratulations! You've got all five Artifacts. These Artifacts will let us create a unique Relic. However, we need to be careful. My calculations show that the powers that are invested in these five Artifacts may create a tremendous splash of energy. It can be very dangerous!

Parallel RealityEdit

Melissa: From the Diary: "Using a Relic of a special kind you can unlock the gate into the parallel world. However, a human being should never possess such a Relic unless the time paradoxes which occur due to the Portal activity open the gate to the parellel world from the other side."

Melissa: From the Diary: "The objects in our universe have the so-called entrances and exits for travelers." I found this record in the Professor's Diary where he described parallel worlds. Do you think we'll be able to use this information on the Portal?

Search ThingiesEdit

Jewelry Box
Magician's Hat
Milk Can
Rolling Pin
Walking Stick
Wood Chopper