This page is intended to help you linking content between pages.

Links to another pageEdit

If you write text like "Assemble the key for the Mushroom Forest" we would likely have a link to the page "Mushroom Forest" so that one can easily jump there without using the navigation bar.

Most likely, you will be already in edit mode because you are entering text :) and I believe most of you will edit in "Visual mode". So this is how it works:

  • Write your text, for example "Assemble the key for the Mushroom Forest"
  • Select the text you want to have a link on:

  • Click on the chain symbol in the edit bar:

  • A dialog box opens:

  • It should say that the page already exists (at the right above the first row). If you link to a known room and you don't get the "page exists", please check your spelling!
  • If you link to a new room like at events, the page may not yet exist but this is no prob. The link is valid as soon as the page is created.
  • Click on "ok". Link is ready :)
  • In source mode, you just add double square brackets to the room name, which looks like:
    [ [ Mushroom Forest ] ] (without spaces). Link is ready.

Link to a Headline on a PageEdit

When mentioning artifacts, relics or charges, we have links to the mentioned item. This is only working, if the special item is introduced with a headline formatted as headline, no matter which level of header. The rest is just as easy as the page links.

  • Do the same like above until you reach the dialog window.
  • Now there is no location page in the first row but e.g, a charge like "Birch Sap". We want to allow us to jump directy to the Birch Sap so one doesn't need to scroll through the page until you're at the mentioned charge. So we have to tell the wiki, where the Birch Sap is. It needs the page.
  • Enter the page name followed by a # in front of the charge name like:

  • Click on ok. Link is ready.
  • In source mode, you have to manually distinguish between link and displayed text so the typing is (without spaces):
    [ [ page name#link target|display text ] ]
    [ [ Charges#Birch Sap|Birch Sap ] ]
    Without the part after the | the text will be displayed as Charges#Birch Sap.

Most likely you will need the following pages:

Page Preceder
Home Creatures Home_Creatures#
Neighbors Creatures Neighbors_Creatures#
Artifacts Artifacts#


Charges Charges#