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Welcome to the most elite Beauty Parlor in Paris - "Magic"! Only those who got personal invitations can get there. But those lucky few will be charmed with its services. Why then knight Ulrich is so sure something is wrong going on in the parlor? Let's sort everything out!

Help Todd the Barber get and invitation to the beauty parlor "Magic" and solve its mystery.

Entrance Permission Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Membership Club Face Cream Fashion Boutique --- ---
Dye for Invite Hair-Dye Museum of Perfume Day ---
Personal Invitation Plush Robe Hotel Room --- ---
Slippers Soft Slippers Boat Jumbled Words ---
First Suspicions Advertising Leaflet Cafe --- ---

Butler Alfred: Try to enter the parlor and find out why is it membership only? Our friends will get you recommendations and Todd the Barber will help you to fill in the forms.

  • Get 3 Club Cards from Todd the Barber
  • Get 3 Application Forms from Todd the Barber
  • Assemble the Entrance Permission

Butler Alfred: I think Ulrich was right and there is something wrong with "Magic". Yesterday I met a person I have not seen for fifteen years. And he has something to do with the parlor...

Guardian of Parlor Edit

Ulrich Achenbach: When there are no clients in "Magic" a dragon guards it. It must be for a reason! I am sure the owner of the parlor has something to hide... We must get rid of the dragon!

  • Organize an expedition and feed Elsa the Dragoness
  • Explore the "Magic" Beauty Parlor (see there for further quests)

Ulrich Achenbach: The way is clear! Now we can examine the beauty parlor and find out everything...

Ideal Looks Edit

You will need to assemble one Ideal Looks to get the reward chest. The pieces of Ideal Looks are from your neighbors' places.

  • Mystic Shampoo
  • Pearl Dye
  • Magic Curling Iron
  • Purple Gel
  • Starry Nail Polish
    • Get 5 Aquamarine from the Hunchback
    • Get 5 Amethyst from the Hunchback

You can create as many Ideal Looks as you want.

Get the Reward! Barber's Chest Edit

The chest contains

  • 120 Silvertarra, 100 Goldtarra
  • 10 Summon
  • 7  Problemsolver, 5  Phasewatch, 10  Magnifyer, 3  Hammerofthor
  • 3  Oldamphora, 3  Ghosttrap, 3  Phialofdarkness
  • 3  Etherealcatalyst
  • 10 Freshdew, 10 Mountainwater
  • 2 Pearl Purses (130 pieces per purse)
  • Trophy "Magic Cut"
  • 10,000  Coins
  • 3000  Xp
  • 10  Gem

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