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Some quests are marked with "Guild". Here they are:

Magic PathEdit

Melissa: I have discovered an ancient Irish book in our Library. This book is locked with some strange mechanism which just won't let me open the book. However, I know that Martha her found out from Alfred how to make this mechanism work. Will you help me with it?

Item Location Mode Ghost
Magic Tome Library Night --
Wizard's Key Dungeon Reverse --
Lost Blueprint Study Shadows --

Melissa: Now you can try opening the book by using the Lost Blueprint and the Wizard's Key. Please, do it without me and don't say anything to Alfred. As far as I can see you have a new and very important direction for your explorations now.

Wizard EntranceEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Gate Key Magic of Sparks Dungeon Shadows --
Pure Soul Silver Bar Dungeon Shadows --
Long Way Forged Arrowhead Laboratory Night --
The Chosen One Wizard Seal Observatory Night ---
Spell Celestial Crystal Library Reverse --

Melissa: All the five Key components are in their places. Now you need to find some energy to activate them. I will tell you where you can find the charges for the Key. Please, hurry up to begin your explorations!

Melissa: Yay! I am as happy as you are. New magical adventures await us. Our journey is going to be full of fairy tales, magic and mysterious places. I just can't wait to visit all of them.

Magic GatesEdit

Butler Alfred: Martha and Melissa are ahead of their time. They have told you about the old prediction. Now you don't have much choice but to open the Book of Magicians and master up all your courage. You are going to participate in Wizard Battles and follow the trail described in the Book. There is no way back for you now.

  • Organize an Expedition, feed the Gate Guardian Valemir and unlock the Magic Gates.
  • Explore the Magic Gates