Gazebo of Mysteries
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Marta's favourite place, it is surrounded by secrets. Here Marta enjoyed watching dawns and sunsets, and listening to poems of the last romantics.

Unlock 4 X 5 consecutive days of play
Entry fee 36 energy + 5 purple gerbera
Duration 15 days
Search fee max. 45 energy + 5 purple gerbera

Items to GetEdit

Special Items are things you can only get here and nowhere else. Regulars can be found in several locations. There are no dedicated quests for finding regulars, at least not after you have found them for the first time. After the quest, specials are getting regular.

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora, Paranormal Trap, Genie's Dwelling
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp, Magic Magnifying Glass
Helpers Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask, Dragon Egg
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunar Nectar, Honey Drink, Sweet Roots, Sugar Cane, Azure Grapes
Trophy Romantic Poetry
Special Items

Mystic Jewelry Box: Stone Rose, Stained Glass, Pearl Shell, Crystal Shoe, Silver Coronet

Box of Wishes: Canary's Heart, Shining Lily, Dandelion Wreath, Cockatoo Feather, Drop of Dew


Mysterious GazeboEdit

Martha the Maid: Whenever things would calm down in the Manor Anrew and I liked to spend time in our Gazebo. Now the Professor locked it. Could you, please, cast the Professor's spell off the Gazebo? If you do so, I will tell you my story.

  • Assemble Professor Bellow's Map and explore the Gazebo of Mysteries

Martha the Maid: Would you like to know my story? Well, here it is. You can continue exploring as I tell you my story. Just, please, don't forget that any explorations in the Gazebo of Mysteries thakes additional efforts. You also need to have a lot of friends to explore the Gazebo!

You assemble this map by logging into the game on 20 consecutive days. After these, the Gazebo of Mysteries will open for 15 days. Then you need another 20 consecutive login days to open it again. The 15 open days are counting for the 20 login days, so if you login daily, the Gazebo will be closed every 15 days for 5 days and will then be open again. Quests are only appearing at the first visit.

Secrets of FashionEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Poems at Sunset Silver Coronet -- --
Firefly Stone Rose -- --
Package from the Doctor Stained Glass Shadows --
Fashionable Gazebo Pearl Shell -- --
Fashionable Items Crystal Shoe Night --

Martha the Maid: I see that you keep finding unique things in the Gazebo of Mysteries! As far as I remember, Melissa said that using these items you can either create Artifacts or make treasure boxes for unique objects. Will you share the objects you find in the Gazebo with me? I wouldn't mind to have something like a stylish bracelet or a silk scarf.

Martha the Maid: Congratulations! That's a great award for your courage and dedication! You also seem to have a good sense of style. Continue your explorations in the Gazebo of Mysteries and you will be able to create even more unique Artifacts. See you later in our Gazebo.

Contains: Ethereal Catalyst (1), Bell (3), Magic Magnifying Glass (3), Phase Watch (3)

Nature's AssistanceEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost

Full Moon Mystery

Canary's Heart -- --
Radiance and Wind Shining Lily Jumbled --
Andrew's Courage Dandelion Wreath -- --
Ultimate Fear Cockatoo Feather -- --
Round Stone Drop od Dew Reverse --

Martha the Maid: The Professor said that this is another way of the forest spirit to strengthen its influence on people's lives. To be more exact, there is an outbreak of energy which is aimed at straightening out people's mistakes. Accordin to the Professor, this energy outbreak happens in the woods around our Manor once in a while..

Martha the Maid: Later, the Professor unraveled all mysteries. He explained this little incident in the following way: "This wood demon called for the lord of snakes to help us!" We believed him and relaxed, and again started to enjoy wonderful evenings in our gazebo.

Contains: Good Luck Talisman (1), Bell (1), Ethereal Catalyst (1), Energy Talisman (1)

Search ThingiesEdit

Autumn Leaf / Maple Leaf
Gazebo of Mysteries12
Gazebo of Mysteries19
Gazebo of Mysteries20
Box of Chocolates
Gazebo of Mysteries21
Gazebo of Mysteries22
Gazebo of Mysteries23
Gazebo of Mysteries24
Gazebo of Mysteries25
Figure of an Angel
Gazebo of Mysteries26
Gazebo of Mysteries2
Garden Pruner
Gazebo of Mysteries3
Gazebo of Mysteries4
Gazebo of Mysteries5
Paper Lantern
Gazebo of Mysteries6
Gazebo of Mysteries7
Gazebo of Mysteries8
Gazebo of Mysteries9
Straw Hat
Gazebo of Mysteries10
Gazebo of Mysteries11
Gazebo of Mysteries13
Teddy Bear
Gazebo of Mysteries14
Gazebo of Mysteries15
Gazebo of Mysteries16
Watering Can
Gazebo of Mysteries17
Gazebo of Mysteries18