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Explore a fantastic place, the Flower Laboratory! In this mysterious place, the guild of Gnomes the Perfumers creates exquisite fragrances and the ideas of new perfume compositions.

Please, meet the beautiful Female Dragon Aurelia! She loves flowers. Aurelia is a bit clumsy, but she is very nice and charming. Like many girls, Aurelia likes sweets. Treat her to something tasty and she will show you the way to the Flower Laboratory.

Become the owner of the Perfumer's Chest! Small busy gnomes have put very many valuable gifts there. These gifts will make your day.



5 PlasmaCup, 5 Beverage, 5 Vectordiagram, 5 Eventhorizon


Dragonaurelia Type: Female Dragon Aurelia
Food: 15.000
Feed Times: 23
Expedition Time: 2 h
Search Time: 2 h


Organizer 3Summon, 20Silvertarra, 20Goldtarra, 1Talisknowledge, 2Eventhorizon, 2Vectordiagram, 2Beverage, 2PlasmaCup, 10Honeytoffee
Generous 2Summon, 10Silvertarra, 10Goldtarra, 1Talisexperience, 2Vectordiagram, 2Beverage, 2PlasmaCup, 10Dandelionjuice
Lucky 1Summon, 5Silvertarra, 5Goldtarra, 1Piggybank, 1Eventhorizon, 1Beverage, 10Rubypomegranate
Valuable 1Summon, 10Silvertarra, 6Lunarnectar, 1 Energy Extract

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers  Ghosttrap  Phialofdarkness  Oldamphora
Energy Sources  Soda  Energyjam  Etherealcatalyst  Biomodule
Gadgets  Bell  Phasewatch  Solarlamp  Magnifyer  Hammerofthor
Helpers Dragonegg Freshdew Silicon Brightbutton Thorium Goldmask  Geniesdwelling  Paranormaltrap
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunarnectar Honeydrink Sweetroots Sugarcane Azuregrapes
Trophy Wonders of Petals (Part of the chest)


Men and FlowersEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Dragon with Ghosts Fragrance Oil -- --
City of Flowers Ethereal Distillate Shadows --
Gnomnes' Hiding Places Golden Bergamot -- --
Gnome Princess Coniferus Resin Jumbled --
Holiday Gift Ether Bearing Root Night --

Eleanor: We've assembled the first part of the ingredients for the gnomes' fantastic fragrance quite fast. Have I already told you that I have to go? I'm sure that Alfred, Prosper and Ulrich will help you. They also need some gifts for their ladies!

Eleanor: This Dragon Aurelia has such an interesting personality. She has kind eyes and a kind smile. The only problem about her is clumsiness. As for fragrances, it is absolutely innocent. Don't forget to feed Aurelia and you'll have enough time to help the gnomes, and to prepare you holiday gifts respectively.

Fragrant ChestEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Alfred's Curiosity Musik Oil -- --
Eleanor's Fragrance Universal Solvent Reverse --
Medieval Secrets Colorful Petals -- --
Museum Secrets Fresh Air Puzzle --
Little Happiness Sun Light Night --

Butler Alfred: Is the gift ready? Now we need to figure out how to congratulate the ladies. Don't wory. I will take care of it. We'll have the best celebration of this wonderful spring holiday in the Manor. Let's unlock the Chest with Fragrances. The gnomes promised me that my wonderful lady would also have a little gift.

Butler Alfred: Yay! The celebration was a success! Thank you for you intuition and resourcefulness. You definitely have a sixth sense which works really well in the right place and in the right time. Happy holiday, dear ladies! Let love and happiness rule this world! Now if you mix the Steam with Fat you'll receive a Chest as a reward from the gnomes.

Get the reward!Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it, be sure that you check your  Energy and  Xp status. If you're short before levelling up and still have  Energy, make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

Search ThingiesEdit

Flower Laboratory12
Battle Shield
Flower Laboratory13
Flower Laboratory19
Candle Stick
Flower Laboratory20
Cast Iron Key
Flower Laboratory4
Flower Laboratory21
Flower Laboratory22
Crystal Shoe
Flower Laboratory25
Flower Laboratory15
Flower Laboratory23
Flower Laboratory24
Flower Laboratory26
Gnome's Wheelbarrow
Flower Laboratory17
Flower Laboratory2
Flower Laboratory3
Medicine Glass
Flower Laboratory5
Number 8
Flower Laboratory6
Flower Laboratory7
Flower Laboratory8
Flower Laboratory10
Flower Laboratory9
Red Umbrella
Flower Laboratory11
Flower Laboratory14
Teddy Bear
Flower Laboratory16
Watering Pot
Flower Laboratory18