Easter Flurry
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Jolly spirits of Easter preparations are in every corner of Rooms of Memory. Everyone is enjoying it. Martha prepared a whole basket of professor's favourite candies. Melissa decorated the Manor with dozens of colourful bows. Prosper decided to follow the tradition of hiding Easter eggs with presents.

When Prosper returned from his trip through the Portal he found ladies in tears. Phenomena have stolen all candies and disappeared. While the ladies were busy with phenomena creatures inhabiting the world of Rooms of Memory have pulled down all bows. We must do something to help!

We must return all missing things, prepare for the holiday and fulfill Prosper's task to find Easter eggs. Magical rewards await you!


Find all hidden Easter eggs to fulfill Prosper's task, collect all candies for Martha and return Melissa colorful bows to receive a reward.

There are no single quests for this event. You just have to collect and assemble the baskets via the event quest at the right side of the screen.

Egg BasketEdit

Item Location Mode Ghost
Red Egg Bellows Manor -- --
Golden Egg Bellows Manor -- --
Spotted Egg Paris -- --
Stripped Egg Times of Knights -- --
Patterned Egg Venice -- --

To assemble the Egg Basket you need 2 Green Fowl-grass from the Tree and 2 Flower Nectar from the Dryad.

Candy BasketEdit

Item Location Mode Ghost
Chocolate Candy Bellows Manor -- Poltergeist
Toffy Bellows Manor -- Poltergeist
Nut Chocolate Paris -- Marine Queen
Fruit Jelly Times of Knights -- Twilight Genies
Lollipop Venice -- Octopus

To assemble the Candy Basket you need 2 Neon Water Lily from the Sea Nymph and 2 Golden Citrine from the Mountain Giant.

Bow BasketEdit

Item Location Creatures
Yellow Bow Bellows Manor Tree, Unicorn, Transvaal Lion
White Bow Bellows Manor Dryad
Blue Bow Paris Mime, Juggler, Hunchback
Red Bow Times of Knights Celestial Elemental, Sea Nymph, Mountain Giant
Spotted Bow Venice Pirate, Harlequin, Queen of Spades

To assemble the Bow Basket you need 2 Rubies from the Mime and 2 Blue Phianites from the Juggler.

Reward: Easter CakeEdit

Easter Cake

The cake contains:

  • Tarra Cards: 100Silvertarra, 50Goldtarra
  • Summon: 20
  • Helpers: 5Nutritiousgrain, 3Waterlilypetals, 5Goldfish, 5Fruittart, 3Freshdew
  • Gadgets: 10 Hammerofthor, 10 Problemsolver
  • Dragon Food: 5Azuregrapes, 5Lemonbread
  • Charges: 5 random
  • Trophy: Easter Bunny
  •  Coins: 15000
  •  Xp: 200