Wipeout Event

Expedition: ECO-Station Edit

Required: Edit

  • Electrician's Outfit
  • 36 Energy Entrance Fee
  • 5 Cup with Plasma
  • 5 Gravitation Beverage
  • 5 Vector Diagrams
  • 5 Event Horizons
  • 50 Max Energy Search

Dragon: Edit

  • Type: Dragon Electron
  • Food: 19,500
  • Feed Times: 54
  • Expedition Time: 2h
  • Room Search Time: 4h

Rewards: Edit

Organizer (Red Chest) Silver Tarra Cards (20), Gold Tarra Cards (20), Creature Summoning Scrolls (3), Honey Toffee Candy (10), Gravitation Beverage (2), Talisman of Knowledge (1), Vector Diagram (2), Event Horizon (2), Cup with Plasma (2).
Generous (Blue Chest) Silver Tarra Cards (10), Gold Tarra Cards (10), Creature Summoning Scrolls (2), Talisman of Experience (1), Cup with Plasma (2), Gravitation Beverage (2), Vector Diagram (2), Dandelion Juice (10).
Lucky (Silver Chest) Piggy Bank (1), Silver Tarra Cards (5), Gold Tarra Cards (5), Event Horizon (1), Gravitation Beverage (1), Ruby Pomegranate (10).
Valuable (Brown Chest) Silver Tarra Careds (2), Gold Tarra Cards (2), Vector Diagram (1), Cup with Plasma (1), Delicious Blueberries (10).

Second Reason Edit

Melissa: Phenomena occupied the station. Elemental cannot come back, so the power shortages continue... We have to do something!

  • Banish the Ghost from the ECO-Station

Butler Alfred: Hope Martha and Andrew stop complaining on power cut-offs. But what do I see? It seems the lamp is going off. Voltage level is dropping again!

Evidence Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Shortage Recorder Tape Jumbled Words ---
Break-In Switchboard Lid --- ---
Screwdriver for Telescope Blue Screwdriver NIght ---
Hammer Blue Hammer --- ---
First Suspicions Blue Wire Cutters Reversed Room ---

Melissa: I suppose Andrew has something to do with the energy stealing. I asked Elemental to look for more belongings Andrew could have left. With the evidence gathered we will be able to drive the astronomer into the corner and demand explanations...

  • Get 3 Fountain Pens from Elemental
  • Get 3 Dark Glasses from Elemental
  • Assemble the Evidence

Melissa:Andrew's pen, his glasses, his tools... Now we have some topics to talk to Andrew about... But I cannot believe it! He secretly steals electricity from the ECO-Station! Why?!

Scared Andrew Edit

Astronomer Andrew: Looks like there are some problems on the ECO-Station again... Is it phenomena who got there? ECO-Station should work with no disruption! It is very important! ECO-Station is not the place for phenomena!

  • Banish the Ghost from the ECO-Station

Astronomer Andrew: Thanks for your well-timed intervention. If it was not for you something... dreadful...could happen!... By the way, do you know what Melissa wants to talk to me about? Does she suspect anything?

Annihilation Reactor Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Terrible Confession Ceramic Insulator Shadows ---
New Energy Backup Generator --- ---
Rescue Plan Reactor Dismantled Image ---
Magnetic Field Electromagnet --- ---
Void Vacuum Pump Day ---

Melissa: Nearly ready. We can put the black hole into the reactor and prevent the explosion. We only need to find a small laser and the Geiger tube. They were at the station but now are gone. Elemental may have taken them with her...

  • Get 3 Lasers from Elemental
  • Get 3 Geiger Tubes from Elemental
  • Assemble the Annihilation Reactor

Melissa: Perfect! It works! Truly say, I did not think we will make it. And now the explosion threat is gone and the black hole, locked in the reactor, will give us electricity for decades. It will be enough power for everyone!

Get the Reward!! Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it, be sure that you check your   and   status. If you're short before levelling up and still have  , make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

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