On every map you find 4 places with creatures you can help. Creatures mostly give you important artifact and relic charges and there is a difference between creatures on your home place and those on the maps of your neighbors.

Creatures to HelpEdit

Your neighbors don't see the creatures on their map which you see on theirs. The creatures at neighbors places are just for you! During events, a part of the creatures on all neighbors maps and on one of your maps are replaced by one or more special event-related creatures giving you charges required for the event quests. So take a look:
Creatures on your map
Creatures at neighbors maps
And not to forget:

Rewards for helping Creatures on Friend's PlacesEdit

When you're helping creatures on other people's maps, check and see what they give you compared to what they cost you. Some creatures give a lot more gold than others, while giving exactly the same items as lower level creatures of the same type. For helping creatures at neighbors places you receive 50, 75 or 100  Coins and 1  Xp. If you're looking for something (like the Brave HeartsBraveheart) that all the creatures in the same group can give you, but which they don't give out very often, you will probably want to help every single one.

Help Item(s) 50  Xp 75  Xp 100  Xp
Refreshing DewFreshdew Tree Dryad Unicorn
Thorium OreThorium Celestial Elemental Sea Nymph Mountain Giant
Golden MaskGoldmask Pirate Harlequin Queen of Spades
Bright ButtonBrightbutton Mime Juggler Hunchback
Silicon FlintSilicon Kind Scarecrow Lonely Lumberjack Transvaal Lion

Costs for Help ItemsEdit

The help items for the creatures on neighbor's places can be bought in the merchant store for 10.000 Coins for 10 pieces and are found during your searches. Thorium OresThorium and Silicon FlintsSilicon can be gifted, at special events also the Bright ButtonsBrightbutton. 10 Refreshing DewsFreshdew are in the left lower chest of the Runes Maze.

The home creatures are more difficult... All items can be found during searches, some more often than others. You will find the items in the rooms of the map where the creatures live, i.e. Fruit Tartlets for the Transvaal Lion are to find in the rooms of the Bellows Manor map. And for sure, you can buy the items in the store. Be aware that some items in the store are only available for  Gem and if you need a special item from such a creature its probably cheaper to buy the item directly. - Your decision :) -

Creature Map Item(s) Costs
Tree Bellows Manor 3 Pilgrim's Compass
2 Armillary Sphere
10.000 Coins/10
15.000 Coins/10
Kind Scarecrow Bellows Manor 3 Straw Bale
2 Roll of Canvas
15.000 Coins/10
15.000 Coins/10
Lonely Lumberjack Bellows Manor 2 Copper Rivets 10.000 Coins/10
Dryad Bellows Manor 2 Astronomical Clock 20 Gem/5
Unicorn Bellows Manor 1 Nutritious Grains 30 Gem/5
Transvaal Lion Bellows Manor 1 Fruit TartletFruittart 30 Gem/5
Mime Secrets of Paris 3 Black Beret
2 Striped Shirt
10.000 Coins/10
Juggler Secrets of Paris 2 Juggler's Knives 15.000 Coins/10
Hunchback Secrets of Paris 1 Clown Boots 30 Gem/5
Celestial Elemental Times of Knights 3 Silk Fan
2 Water Lily Pad
10.000 Coins/10
15.000  Coins/10
Sea Nymph Times of Knights 2 Golden FishGoldfish 20 Gem/5
Mountain Giant Times of Knights 1 Gold Nugget 30 Gem/5
Pirate Venice Canals 3 Pirate's Cocked Hat
2 Pirate Treasures
10.000 Coins/10
10.000 Coins/10
Harlequin Venice Canals 2 Harlequin's Hat 15.000 Coins/10
Queen of Spades Venice Canals 1 Card of Spades 30 Gem/5