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Roll the cameras! Slate! Action! Done! Are you ready to film a screen version written by Professor Bellows about ghosts? It's going to be happening right here!

Help the Movie Mummy find the scenario for the mysterious movie. It will help you unlock the Movie Set and do a movie.

Explore the Movie Set, tame the Ghosts' temper and receive the following award.

Ghost CastingEdit

Prosper Bull: Andrew, I need your help. Right before the Professor left for his research trip he signed a contract with a movie company. The Professor was planning to film a movie where the Ghosts would be the main characters. Do you know anything about it?

Astronomer Andrew: Prosper, please don't worry about it. I am well informed about everything. Many different creatures from other worlds have come to Paris through unlocked time portals recently. We can easily cast a number of Ghosts for the movie.

Ghosts' RaiderEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Flirt Queen's Mirror Hotel Room -- Poltergeist
Unpredictability Twilight Clock Museum of Perfumes Shadows --
Fog Water Lily Museum of Perfumes -- any
Heavy Weight Water Canister Boat Puzzle --
Ghost from Next Door Ghost Photo Museum of Perfumes Night Neighbors Ghost

Prosper Bull: On top of everything else, the Movie Mummy controls and calms the Ghosts down. It sprays magic water on the Ghosts to suppress their destructive powers. In addition to this when the Mummy wants to control a Ghost it lights up an Incense Stick.

Prosper Bull: I have made a seperate document which lists all the requirements of the Ghosts. People from the movie industry call such list a raider. Specialists say that comparing to TV celebrities the Ghosts set very modest conditions.

Movie Mummy to AppearEdit

This quest appears before the quest for assembling the Ghosts' Raider.

Eleanor: Oh my, what is this? Look, it is some kind of a mummy. Does it mean that the Professor has unlocked a portal to Ancient Egypt? Prosper do you know anything about it? Is it okay if I hide behind you back? I am scared of this creature.

Prosper Bull: Please, don't be afraid, Eleanor. It is a ghost which shows up only at movie sets of mystic thrillers. It is a Movie Mummy! It helps the Movie Director avoid any unpredictable Ghosts' tricks. That said, the Movie Mummy is going to manage the filming process.

Mystical ScenarioEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Romanticism Twilight Heart Café -- --
Love Spirit Board Café Jumbled any
Marine Passion Marine Heart Boat Reverse --
Jealousy Silver Trident Hotel Room -- any
Destiny Flying Dutchman Boat Night --

Prosper Bull: We are in trouble! The Movie Scenario has been stolen by the ghosts. Now it is scattered in the Hotel and everywhere around it. Luckily, Andrew and I have managed to pick up most of the pages. As for the pages that got on the Boat and into the water are probably destroyed for good.

Prosper Bull: The future main characters and other actors have been actively participating in reconstructing the Mystic Movie Scenario. Although the filming process hasn't started yet everyone is excited and ready to start working.

Makeup Artist BagEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Hair Stylist's Work Dark Hair Wig Fashion Boutique -- --
Work of Makeup Artist False Eyelashes Fashion Boutique Shadows any
Eye Shadows Fake Eyelashes* Fashion Boutique Puzzle --
Red Rose Lipstick Red Rose Lipstick Museum of Perfumes Jumbled --
Makeup White Powder Museum of Perfumes -- any

* The task "Eye Shadows" states you have to find the Makeup for the Marine Queen, however, the artifact is actually called "Fake Eyelashes" in the artifacts box.

Eleanor: My dear friends, we have been working really hard recently. You have helped me assemble almost all items that we needed. It would be great if you visited the Movie Mummy on your neighbors' territory and found some tools that are missing.

Eleanor: Let me report the situation to the Producer and the Movie Director. The ghosts' makeup is done, and they are ready for the movie tests. Now we should make sure that they do not run away through the unlocked Portal.

Roaring MegaphoneEdit

No quest but you need the Megaphone to unlock the Movie Set. You need

Movie FanEdit

Prosper Bull: The Movie Set is practically ready. However, we cannot get there. The entrance is blocked by the Movie Fan Dragon. He collects toll from those who enter the Movie Set. His other responsibility is to keep any strangers away.

  • Organize an expedition to the Movie Fan Dragon and feed him.
  • Explore the Movie Set.

(further quests see there)
Prosper Bull: At the present moment the entrance to the Movie Set is free. Everyone who would like to observe the movie-making process behind the screen is welcome! You will see how our special actors from the other side of the Portal perform in the movie.

Reward: Director's ChestEdit

The chest contains:
  • Tarra Cards: 100Silvertarra, 100Goldtarra
  • Summon: 10
  • Energy: 1 Strawberryjam
  • Charges: 10 randoms
  • Expedition items: 10Crystalharp, 10Paperlantern, 20Dragoncoin, 10Lunarfirefly, 10Dragontablet, 10Fieryseal, 1Latinscroll
  • Dragon Food: 10Azuregrapes, 10Bluecheese
  • Trophy: 23 Frames
  •  Coins: 40.000
  •  Xp: 1000