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A fresh air blow and a gust of storm! Dance of colorfil butterflies and downfall of raindrops. Are you ready to ascend to the Celestial Ship where your dreams come true?

The Celestial Ship connects the world of earth magic to the wonders of sky. Accept the gifts of wind and air gods. Ascend to the sky and make your most daring dreams real. The Celestial Key witholding a unique power will open the passage to the Castle Nebulous.

Beware of the powerful trophy awaiting you in the Celestial Ship. Only the bravest hearts and sharpest minds can find the Ruby Lightning. Use it to proceed further, to new magic victories of yours.



  • 8 Dragon Coins
  • 4 Paper Lanterns
  • 4 Lunar Fireflys
  • 4 Dragon Tablets


Type: Eterious the Dragon
Food: 22.000
Feed Times: 58
Expedition Time: 4 h
Search Time: 12 h


Organizer (Red Chest) Dragon Coin (4), Dragon Tablet (1), Silver Tarra Card (60), Gold Tarra Card (60), Mountain Water (10), Latin Scroll (1), Piercing Elixir (6), Creature Summoning Scroll (10), Fiery Seal (1)
Generous (Blue Chest) Azure Grapes (5), Dragon Coin (4), Gold Tarra Card (50), Silver Tarra Card (50), Dragon Tablet (1), Piercing Elixir (5), Latin Scroll (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (17)
Lucky (Silver Chest) Azure Grapes (5), Dragon Coin (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (5), Gold Tarra Card (20), Silver Tarra Card (20), Piercing Elixir (4), Sugar Cane (5), Dragon Tablet (1)
Valuable (Brown Chest) Gold Tarra Card (10), Silver Tarra Card (10), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Piercing Elixir (1), Sugar Cane (5)

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Ethereal Catalyst, Bio-module
Gadgets Magic Magnifying Glass, Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp
Helpers Dragon Egg, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Bright Button, Thorium Ore, Golden Mask, Paranormal Trap, Genie's Dwelling
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Trophy Faster than Light!
Special Items Celestial Key: Blue Pixie, Pink Elephant, Yellow Flare, Violet Organza, Smaragdine Firefly
Ruby Lightning: Anger of Zeus, Stormy Crash, Amethystine Flash, Ring of Passion, Hellfire


Sky ElementEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: I am full of excitement! We are past gloomy forests and enchanted caves in our path to the Supermagician Dwelling. Together we will fill our lungs with the magic air of the Celestial Ship.

  • Organize an Epedition and feed the Eterious the Dragon
  • Explore the Celestial Ship

Astronomer Andrew: Felicia, please keep in mind that we are in the wizards' land. Everything, even the air element, is enchanted. It will not open its secret as easy as you would like to.

Celestial KeyEdit

The quests for Celestial Key, Soul of Butterfly and Furs of Aeolus appear alternating, see sequence column. After collecting all items the assembly quests appear one after the other. Don't assemble the stuff when the popup appears, wait for the according quest!
Seq Quest Item Location Mode
1 Pixies in the Air Blue Pixie Celestial Ship Shadows
4 Goals and Dreams Pink Elephant Celestial Ship Reverse
7 Yellow Flare Yellow Flare Celestial Ship Puzzle
10 Clearance of Goals Violet Organza Celestial Ship Jumbled
13 Color of Hope Smaragdine Firefly Celestial Ship Night

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Here it is, the Celestial Key made of beautiful rainbow energies. These energies saturate the Key with power. With it we shall proceed to the most daring dreams of ours.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: This is so exciting to materialize all our dreams and fulfill all goals. We have gone a long way, passed through the Valley of Magicians and now we finally opened the path to the Castle Nebulous!

Soul of ButterflyEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
2 Butterfly from Castle Sky Mother-of-Pearls Horror Tower Night
5 Eyes on Butterfly Ox-eye Witch Room Puzzle
8 Owlet Moth Owlet Moth Meditation Gazebo Night
12 Buttertree Poisonous Monarch Magic Forest Shadows
14 Butterflies from Jamaica Bright Urania Underwater World Night

Felicia the Fortuneteller: The only thing left is to breathe life into the Soul of Butterfly. This is only possible when the butterfly is dancing. I let go all the butterflies that we found in our journey, let them fly and begin their magic dance.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Andrew, move over here. Look how dazzling this dance of butterflies is. It feels like our colored dreams are flying around us. This is so beautiful!

Furs of AeolusEdit

Seq Quest Item Location Mode
3 Airy Bells Zephyr's Bells Magic Gates Puzzle
6 Meet Aura Aura's Necklace Initiation Hall Shadows
9 Protection from Cold Purple Tunic Ice Cavern Reverse
11 In Search for Wings Misty Wings Mushroom Forest Reverse
15 Gift of Borey Fur Coat Wizard House Jumbled

Astronomer Andrew: I wasn't lingering either, Felicia. I have met every wind and got gifts from each of them. We will assemble the magic Furs of Aeolus and fill it with sounds of pipes and fifes. Then we will be able to control winds.

Astronomer Andrew: I liked being on the Celestial Ship. Our dreams are close to becoming real. Soon we will reach the Super Magician Dwelling. And then we will have the power over the Time Portals. Then we will be able to return Professor Bellows back home.

You will come back to this room later with quests from higher rooms.

Next stop: Castle Nebulous

Search ThingiesEdit

African Vulture
CS-African Vulture
Captain's Peaked Cap
CS-Captain's Peaked Cap
Coat of Arms
CS-Coat of arms
Paper Plane
CS-Paper Plane
Peacock Feather
CS-Peacock Feather
Pirate's Hook
CS-Pirate's Hook
Ship Bell / Watch Bell
CS-Ship Bell.Watch Bell