Castle klein
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There is a mysterious library in the castle on the mountain. This castle used to belong to the White Magician. People say that the library in the castle contains the rarest spells and magic books. Unlock the Horror Tower and find them.

No one knows what happened here. This place has been abendoned for a long time. The Horror Tower looks like a result of a failed Black Magic experiment. The Totem of Absolute Power is hidden somewhere here. Find it!

Dragon Malone is a mysterious creature. It was him who the Arch Magician asked to keep the scrolls and spells of the Lost Library. He is the second hand of the Warlock. Find a way to win Dragon Malone over.



  • 6 Dragon Coins
  • 3 Latin Scrolls
  • 3 Fiery Seals
  • 3 Dragon Tablets


Type: Dragon Malone
Food: 14.000
Feed Times: 48
Expedition Time: 4 h
Search Time: 12 h


Organizer (Red Chest) Gold Tarra Card (50), Lunar Firefly (1), Sugar Cane (10), Piercing Elixir (4), Dragon Coin (3), Creature Summoning Scroll (5), Dragon Tablet (1), Crystal Harp (1)
Generous (Blue Chest) Gold Tarra Card (40), Sweet Root (5), Lunar Firefly (1), Piercing Elixir (3), Dragon Coin (5), Creature Summoning Scroll (3), Dragon Tablet (1)
Lucky (Silver Chest) Honey Drink (5), Gold Tarra Card (30), Sweet Root (5), Piercing Elixir (2), Dragon Coin (1), Creature Summoning Scroll (2), Dragon Tablet (1)
Valuable (Brown Chest) Fruit Ambrosia (6), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Enegery Extract (1)

Items to Get

Ghost Banishers Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Old Amphora
Energy Sources Soda, Energy Jam, Bio-module
Gadgets Magic Magnifying Glass, Bell, Hammer of Thor, Phase Watch, Solar Lamp
Helpers Dragon Egg, Refreshing Dew, Silicon Flint, Bright Button, thorium Ore, Golden Mask, Paranormal Trap, Genie's Dwelling
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Trophy Castle Horrors
Special Items Wooden Key: Stone Flower, Bundle of Silk, Malachite Ring, Purple Reflection, Arrow Head
Totem of Absolute Power: Glass Needle, Copper Buckle, Leather Binding, Cold Lava, Plaster Helmet
Astrologer's Clock: Cloud in a Can
Live Fire: Fireball
Red Tarpaulin: Ice Beads


Experiments with Spells

Lairiel: The magic animals had been serving faithfully to our people until a misfortune came. The Prince of Shades, the Warlock of the Arch Magician, used some black magic to get the support of a few of the wonderful creatures. However, I believe that it is a temporary situation.

  • Carry out an expedition, feed Dragon Malone, the keeper of scrolls and spells, and unlock the Horror Tower.
  • Explore the Horror Tower

Lairiel: I have never gone up to this castle on the mountain. One of the Elven legend mentions this castle. I'm going to tell you the legend. But first of all we have to ask Melissa to help us understand what this mysterious tower is for and who its master is. I am getting goosebumps just thinking of all this.

Vampires and Werewolves

The quests for Wooden Key, Protection Mask and Rubber Glove appear alternating, starting with the 1st key quest, see sequence column. After collecting all items the assembly quests appear one after the other. Don't assemble the stuff when the popup appears, wait for the according quest! Otherwise you have to search the items again!
Seq Quest Item Location Mode
1 Horror Tower Arrow Head Mountain Castle Jumbled
4 Magic Contents Stone Flower Mountain Castle Night
7 Novel about Musketeers Bundle of Silk Mountain Castle Reverse
10 Lucrative Purpose Malachite Ring Mountain Castle Shadow
13 Long Lasting War Purple Reflection Mountain Castle Night

Melissa: Vampires and Werewolves! The Professor just mentions the Prince of Shadows in his Diary. Can it be that the vampires and werewolves serve him? I have heard thousands of legends about them but haven't seen any in the real lief. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about these creatures.

Melissa: Have you found a new key in the mysterious library of the White Magicians? Are you ready to continue your adventure despite the the challenges that you may face in the future? The whole Guild and I are going with you. We must get inside the Arch Magician's Castle. Someone must put an end to all the crimes of this villain.


Seq Quest Item Location Mode
2 Snow Storm Snow Generator Initiation Hall Shadow
5 Morning Freshness Fog Generator Magic Forest Puzzle
8 Acid Copper Caterpillar Mushroom Forest Night
11 Force of Gravity Super Powerful Magnet Meditation Gazebo Day
14 Eruption Lava Spiral Ice Cavern Jumbled

Butler Alfred: So little time for preparations and so many tricks to make! We had to work really hard to figure out what is going on, and who is trying to oppose our plans. Let's get back to my suggestions. We need to find the trouble-maker.

Butler Alfred: Two evidences are already in our hands. We are going to assemble the third one soon too. Have you got any ideas who this trouble-maker could be? It is neither Martha nor Melissa for sure. As for our French friends from Paris, I would think twice about them.


Seq Quest Item Location Mode
3 Tango Dancing Gramophone Meditation Gazebo Reverse
6 Sprint Ice Mechanical Anvil Ice Cavern Day
9 Tropical Rain Rain Generator Initiation Hall Jumbled
12 Bomb Replica Box with Alarm Clock Magic Forest Puzzle
15 Sahara Heat Fan Mushroom Forest Shadow

Butler Alfred: Have you seen Andrew and Ulrich? They disappeared somewhere. Andrew could be the one to come up with the sabotage ideas and implement them. However, I have known Andrew for so long that I wouldn't dare suspecting him of these wrongdoings.

Butler Alfred: The third evidence is in our hands! This is like a very difficult puzzle. I can't figure out who of the people that I know could have left such footprints at the crime site.

You will come back to this room later with quests from higher rooms.

Next stop: Underwater World

Search Thingies

Asp Pole
Castle on the Mountain-025
Book Press
Castle on the Mountain-024
Chime Clock
Castle on the Mountain-023
Castle on the Mountain-022
Glass Sphere
Castle on the Mountain-021
Castle on the Mountain-020
Hand Print
Castle on the Mountain-019
Castle on the Mountain-018
Castle on the Mountain-017
Castle on the Mountain-016
Castle on the Mountain-015
Castle on the Mountain-014
Old Lamp
Castle on the Mountain-013
Castle on the Mountain-012
Castle on the Mountain-011
Old Map
Castle on the Mountain-010
Castle on the Mountain-009
Castle on the Mountain-008
Castle on the Mountain-007
Castle on the Mountain-006
Castle on the Mountain-005
Stained Glass
Castle on the Mountain-004
Castle on the Mountain-003
Voodoo Doll
Castle on the Mountain-002
Castle on the Mountain-001