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Ice Castle

The Ice Castle is a special room related to the Ice Castle event. After the event is expired, the location can't be visited anymore.

Unlock Frosty Key
Entry fee 36  Energy
Duration Event related
Search fee max. 55  Energy



3 PlasmaCup, 3 Beverage, 3 Vectordiagram, 3 Eventhorizon


Frostydragon Type: Ice Dragon
Expedition Time: 4 h
Food: 19.000
Feed Times: 54
Room Time: 4 h


Organizer 3Summon, 20Silvertarra, 20Goldtarra, 1Talisknowledge, 2Eventhorizon, 2Vectordiagram, 2Beverage, 2PlasmaCup, 10Honeytoffee
Generous 2Summon, 10Silvertarra, 10Goldtarra, 1Talisexperience, 2Vectordiagram, 2Beverage, 2PlasmaCup, 10Dandelionjuice
Lucky 1Summon, 5Silvertarra, 5Goldtarra, 1Piggybank, 1Eventhorizon, 1Beverage, 10Rubypomegranate
Valuable 2Silvertarra, 2Goldtarra, 1Vectordiagram, 1PlasmaCup, 10Deliciousblueberries

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers  Ghosttrap  Phialofdarkness  Oldamphora
Energy Sources  Soda  Energyjam  Etherealcatalyst  Biomodule
Gadgets  Bell  Phasewatch  Solarlamp  Magnifyer  Hammerofthor
Helpers Dragonegg Freshdew Silicon Brightbutton Thorium Goldmask  Geniesdwelling  Paranormaltrap
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunarnectar Honeydrink Sweetroots Sugarcane Azuregrapes


Mirror of the PastEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Broken Mirrors Ice of Composure -- --
Ice Quests -- Shadows any
Search for Ice Ice of Courage Night --
Time Guardian Qualities Ice of Pride -- --
Lucky Andrew Ice of Order Reverse --
Persistant Andrew Ice of Persistance -- --

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Walking and talking we managed to collect all the ice pieces for the magic Silver Mirror. We only need to charge it with the energy of snow and ice lightnings. Snow Queen can give us some.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Have you ever asked yourself what magic does this mirror possess? It just shows the past. Every person can see there the important moments of his life. And change them if necessary.

Spell of TimeEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Future Glory Ice of Fame Jumbled --
Felicity Ice of Felicity -- --
Phenomena again -- Puzzle any
Fortuna Ice of Fortuna -- --
Compassion Ice of Compassion Shadows --
Sincerity Ice of Sincerity -- --

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Good, now we only need to saturate the Gold Mirror with energy of snow and lightnings. Your Snow Majesty, you are going to return home in no time.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: As soon as the Gold Mirror is assembled we need to place both mirrors facing one another and cast the spell of times. Then the Ternbull's curse will end, the seasons order will be restores, and the Snow Queen with her Ice Castle will return to the Kingdom they belong to.

Get the reward!Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it, be sure that you check your  Energy and  Xp status. If you're short before levelling up and still have  Energy, make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

Search ThingiesEdit

Animal Track
Ice Castle-7
Ball of Wool
Ice Castle-11
Ice Castle-18
Ice Castle-20
Brocade Gown
Ice Castle-25
Bucket with Ice
Ice Castle-22
Ice Castle-23
Chocolate Candy
Ice Castle-24
Crescent Moon / Moon
Ice Castle-6
Crystal Skull
Ice Castle-13
Dove / Pigeon
Ice Castle-12
Ice Castle-1
Fir Branch
Ice Castle-21
Green Pear
Ice Castle-8
Ice Castle-3
Ice Castle-4
Mechanical Bird
Ice Castle-19
Ice Castle-5
Old Gun
Ice Castle-2
Ice Castle-9
Ice Castle-10
Ice Castle-16
Ice Castle-14
Ice Castle-15
Ice Castle-17