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Oh, that Paris! Just you look at the headlines: "Pleasure Yacht Run Aground", "Incident on the Bank of River Seine", A True Mystery: Ship's Crew Gone". Try sort this mystery out as soon as you can.

What is it? A time loop, poltergeist tricks or some space warp opening up? One thing is for sure: Paris has a new monster - Root-Mouthed Jellyfish.

He who can solve this mystery will get a reward from the Clandestine Society of Paris - a Yachtsman's Chest. Thake the challenge and find the lost crew!

During this event, the boat is referred to as Yacht.

Digital TesterEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
A Mystery Yacht Mechanical Electroscope  Boat -- --
Power Field Microohmmeter  Hotel Room Shadows any 
Studying the Field Amperemeter Café Night --
Yet Another Mystery  Mirror Galvanometer Fashion Boutique Reverse --
Studying the Air Ions Air Ion Meter Museum of Perfumes -- --

Astronomer Andrew: Be it as it may, Prospero, all our research indicated that this is some poltergeists playing tricks. Also. look at that huge jellyfish hovering over te yacht! It's the field that is keeping it up.

Astronomer Andrew: This is not just a jellyfish. It is the biggest jellyfish in the world belonging to Root-Mouthes Jellyfish kind. And can you only imagine that this huge jellyfish has brought me diodes to charge digital tester in its tentacles. This world is full of wonders isn't it.

Dusky ValiseEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Measuring Poltergeists Selective Meter  Hotel Room Night any 
Revitalization of Poltergeists  Spectrum Analyzer  Café  -- --
Looking for the Jinn Meter Dusk Jinn Meter Museum of Perfumes Reverse --
Queen Detector Queen Detector Fashion Boutique Shadows any
Octopus Energy Marine Octometer Boat Jumbled --

Astronomer Andrew: For the most part, it is the Octopi and their Sea Queen that are to blame. Do you see how powerful they have become? Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to synthesize such a large item as the yacht. We need to neutralize them right away.

Astronomer Andrew: It is for the first time that the poltergeists have been able to use a power field to carry a yacht through the portal and drop it here, on the bank of the Seine. I activated the Dusky Valise using the Jellyfish and totally neutralized the poltergeist power field.

The Dusk Jinn Meter states it can be found in the Fashion Boutique, however, it is located in the Museum of Perfume. The ghosts can be any ghosts.

The Way to the YachtEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Neutralizing Poltergeists  -- Café
-- Poltergeist
Beach Cleaning Striped Beach Chair
Beach Umbrella
Looking for Things Terry Towel Hotel Shadows --
And the Search Goes On  Summer Sandals Fashion Boutique Jumbled --
The Professor Hypothesis  Panama Hat Boulangerie  -- any

Prosper Bull: Andrew, we are almost done clearing the way to the yacht. Just you look at all those little bottles under your feet - some are Sunblock. It almost looks like someone has robbed a toiletries store along the way.

Prosper Bull: By the way, we did a great job clearing the beach not only of this mysterious energy, but also of the things scattered around. Now we can turn our attention to the yacht itself.

Friends and NeighborsEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Not so fast! I just had a call from our neighbors who said it truly rained Flotation Rings and regular Oars last night. We need to pick all that stuff up and bring it back to the yacht. We need our neighbors to help us, we just can't do it all by ourselves.

  • Get 5 Wooden Oars from the Jellyfish
  • Get 15 Flotation Rings from the Jellyfish at neighbors places

Astronomer Andrew: Phew, what a chore, cleaning up after a power storm. It's almost dark already, and we still can't make our way to that mystery yacht. I am totally beat.

Lifeguard TowerEdit

Prosper Bull: We are almost there, Andrew. Let's climb up this Lifeguard Tower and see if there are any other obstacles we need to remove.

Astronomer Andrew: It's all right, Prospero. The path is clear all the way to the yacht. Even though we are tired, I feel like I've grown a set of wings. I just can't wait to finally get some answers that we are sure to find aboard this magic yacht.

Pleasure YachtEdit

Prosper Bull: Then let's waste no time. Full speed ahead to new mysteries! I am sure there is a message from the Professor waiting for us there.

Prosper Bull: Here it is, the mystery yacht. It doesn't look like my own at all. And yet the most peculiar thing is that there is still not a soul on board. What kind of secrets is this pleasure craft trying to hide from us?

Reward: Yachtsman's ChestEdit

The Yachtsman's Chest contains:

  • 10Summon
  • Tarra Cards: 100Silvertarra, 50Goldtarra
  • Gadgets: 10 Solarlamp, 10 Hammerofthor, 10 Problemsolver
  • Helpers: Astronomical Clocks (5), Nutritious Grains (5), Golden Nugget (5), 5Fruittart, 5Goldfish
  • Charges: Random (12)
  •  Coins 40.000
  •  Xp 1000