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Dear friends! It's been two years since we met and became good friends. You have been working very hard searching for our dear Professor. We greatly appreciate your efforts and your time! Now it's time to celebrate the Birthday of the Rooms of Memory. Let's start preparing for the festivities.

Please everyone come here! We've got a big marzipan cake. The celebration of the Birthday of the Game is about to begin. The gifts from the characters and the creatures of the Rooms of Memory await you.

The Living Room is decorated. The Birthday party is about to start. All the gifts are ready! Where is the Professor? He promised to appear at least for a minute!

Red ChestEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Creature
Birth of the RoM Silver Horseshoe Study -- Unicorn
Horseshoes for Good Luck Golden Horseshoe Library Shadows Unicorn
Flowers from Dryad Seaweed Decoration Laboratory -- Dryad
Gift from Trees Birch Flowers Laboratory Jumbled Tree
Sweet-Scented Mimosa Shy Mimosa Cellar -- Tree

Butler Alfred: Here are my recommendations to you before the coming holiday. You should find the first gifts that you will find into the Red Chest. Then you need to charge the Chest with juicy Cloudberries and the Forest Scent. Just please don't ask me why you should do it. So, will you help us?

Butler Alfred: I am sure that the Forest Smells and forest wonders, as well as first errands that you have to do while preparing for the holiday have charged with you with new energy. Now all your dreams and wishes have acquired new shape. Please, dream on! Pursue new ambigious goals! Believe that everything you dream about will come true!

Orange ChestEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Creature
Lion Figure Lion Statue Dungeon -- Transvaal Lion
Lion Royalty Toy Lion Library Reverse Transvaal Lion
Lilacs from Wood Chopper Bunch of Lilacs Study -- Lonely Lumberjack
Mushroom from Scarecrow Porcino Cellar Night Kind Scarecrow
Whole-Hearted Scarecrow Chanterelle Cellar -- Kind Scarecrow

Astronomer Andrew: Look, the Lion, the Wood Chopper, and the Scarecrow have put a lot of gifts into the Orange Chest for you. They also added some Winterberry Leaves and some Spring Freshness there. I believe they have done it for a reason.

Astronomer Andrew: The creatures from the Manor wish you new accomplishments and new achievements. Be happy. Here I am, greeting you again. But why am I doing it? Where am I again?

Yellow ChestEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Creature
Ring of Good Luck Ring of Good Luck Hotel Room -- Hunchback
Cap of Hades Cap of Hades Boat Shadows Hunchback
Flowers from Juggler Bunch of Lilies Café -- Juggler
May Thunder May Thunder Boat Jumbled Mime
Mime's Gift Fireball Museum of Perfumes -- Mime

Eleanor: Our creatures from Paris have assembled the Yellow Chest and filled it up with Silver and Golden Bell-Flowers. I wonder why we need these Colorful Chests.

Eleanor: Have you noticed that all the Chests that we have are colored in rainbow colors? This is not a coincidence. We want our lives to be as bright as the Professor's research work and as the colors of the rainbow.

Green ChestEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Flowers from Alfred Hyacinths Study --
Secret Gifts Golden Bee Library Shadows
Story of Wise Doctor Wise Owl Cellar --
Lady-Bug Lady-Bug Laboratory Reverse
Pink Peach Rose Peach Cellar --

Martha the Maid: We have filled the Green Chest with various magical gifts for you. Hopefully, at least part of them will be useful for you in your life. Please, continue making your life more beautiful. The inhabitants of the Rooms of Memory will help you!

Martha the Maid: Green is a very calming color. It brings peace and harmony into our inner world. That is why we are always happy when the spring comes and the nature puts on its gorgeaous green dress. Isn't it wonderful that we celebrate our birthday in spring?

Light Blue ChestEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Flowers from Prosper Bunch of Hydrangeas Boat --
Mysterious Moon Silver C Moon Hotel Room Jumbled
Myths about Sun Golden Sun Observatory --
About Crazy Ideas Anchor of Hope Boat Night
Discovery Discovery Key Café --

Prosper Bull: We are putting together a Light Blue Chest for you in Paris. Our wish to you is to have a trip to Cote d'-Azur and enjoy an azure sunrise there with your sweetheart. Anyway, the Birthday celebration is coming pretty soon. Has the Professor arrived yet?

Prosper Bull: Don't be afraid to make wishes! Believe that everything you wish for, even the boldest plans can come true if you really desire them. Simply write all your wishes down into a notebook for wishes, illustrate your goals with pictures and propose gradual and detailed plans of their execution.

Holiday KeyEdit

Astronomer Andrew: We have assembled five Bright Chests with gifts. There is very little left to do to unlock the door to the Holiday Living Room where we'll be celebrating the Birthday of the Game. We should assemble the Holiday Key. Let's address the Lions and Unicorns for help.

Astronomer Andrew: We charged this chest with the energy of gemstones for a reason. These stones posess unique qualities. Labradorite is a very special gem which makes its owner more insightful and talented. Shimmering Aventurine strengthens human emotions and makes people fall in love with you.

Holiday Living RoomEdit

Prosper Bull: Now we would like you to invite you to our Holiday Living Room.
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Reward: Bright ChestEdit


The Bright Chest contains:

  • Summon: 20
  • Tarra Cards: 200Silvertarra, 200Goldtarra
  •  Coins: 50.000
  •  Xp: 1000
  • Trophy: Cakes and Roses
  • Energy: 1 Energyoftime, 1 Strawberryjam
  • Gadgets: 20 Bell, 20 Solarlamp, 20 Hammerofthor
  • Charges: 20 randoms