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These quests are related to Amulets and Talismans which need assembly after you find the items. They need 5 items each and some charges for the assembly. Artifacts which are required for building up the Portals are listed under Major Quests. An alphabetical list is to find at Artifacts and Relics.

Don't click on any box that pops up in the middle of the screen saying "Assemble"! Click the X and look for the quest associated with it or you might have to do the whole thing all over again. As long as you did not accept the concerned task before assembling the artifact you don't get credit for it!


Butler Alfred: The Manor has plenty of items that can be combined into Talismans. Some Talismans can be bought in the Store, but you will have to piece the most unique ones from the many items left behind by the Professor. Talismans will facilitate your search for lost items.

  • Explore the Manor until you find a Piggy Bank.
  • Use a Piggy Bank Talisman to reach your goal

Butler Alfred: Follow the Professor's footsteps. Use his secrets to create your own priceless Talismans. They will give you valuable experience and help improve your skills.

The Piggy Bank can't be assembled and this is the only one that you can find. Normally they are part of a reward chest from events but they are seldom.

Strong Energy TalismanEdit

Melissa: Have you already got a Talisman which helps you to restore your Energy? The Professor used to call it Strong Energy Talisman. By all means use this Talisman when exploring! It will facilitate your search.

  • You need to get the Strong Energy Talisman (explore or buy)
  • Use the Strong Energy Talisman

Melissa: You can create a Talisman either by finding it when exploring some areas, or by purchasing it in the Store. Please, use any of these chances to facilitate your search!

I never found any other of these except of this one. But it is available at the Store for only 4000 coins and it's strongly recommended to keep it running at any time as soon as you can afford it. It increases the energy refill rate by 40% and runs for 12 hours.

Balance of MatterEdit

see Hobbit Hut

Pyrokinetik AbilitiesEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Fire and Sun Laser Beam Library --
Demons Mother-of-Pearl Matches Study --
Ice and Fire Secret Flame Cellar Shadow
Fiery Blaze Book of Fire Dungeon --
Heart of Fire Cold Flames Laboratory --

Butler Alfred: The mysteries of the Portal have never been revealed to me, but the Professor did tell me about Talismans that helped him improve his skills and get more experience. For example, he enclosed the power of fire into the Ball of Fire Talisman.

Butler Alfred: You can use Professor's items to create the Ball of Fire Talisman. I think the Professor has intentionally left so many clues behind. I am certain, he knew that you would come and make sure to leave enough information behind to pass on the knowledge to you.

The IllusionistEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Sunshine Secret Flashlight Study --
The Magician's Top Hat Card Top Hat Library --
Magic Wand Illusionist's Wand Cellar --
Rope Walker Illusionist's Poster Dungeon --
Hot Air Balloons Illusionist's Bowtie Laboratory Night

Martha the Maid: Excerpt from the Diary: "The Illusionist's Sphere is able to increase my knowledge and experience in any field. Tricks executed with the help of the Portal's energy result in extraordinary phenomena. Whoever holds this Talisman will always be one step ahead of his competition."

Martha the Maid: You can create the Illusionist's Sphere and it will provide you with priceless experience! Please, show me a few tricks from the Professor's repertoire. It would make me so happy to see them again. I can't remember the last time I have seen them!

Traveling Through AirEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Gravity Meditation Sphere Cellar --
Knowledge of Tibet Tibetian Manuscript Library --
Elephants Can Fly Too Jade Elephant Study --
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Dungeon Night --
Flights Above the Manor Weightless Hand Laboratory --

Melissa: Excerpt from the Diary: "The Denal of Gravity Talisman will help the owner use streams of gas, strong sound vibrations and laser beams to overcome gravity. The freedom of the body in space resulting from this experiment will increase the owner's experience and improve his skills."

Melissa: The Professor would take the Denial of Gravity Talisman on many of his trips. He said that often the end goal can only be reached with the help of the lost knowledge of ancient cilvilizations. Now you too can create this Talisman.

Invisibility PotionEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
A Look Through the Mask Mask of Concealment Laboratory --
Invisible Liquid Invisibilty Elixir Cellar --
Mysterious Ink Colorless Ink Study Shadow
Headdress Top Hat of Invisibilty Library --
Ghostly Gloves Ghost's Gloves Dungeon --

Butler Alfred: The Professor had a raincoat. He would make me put it on, then using a camera thake a picture of the room behind me and project this image onto my chest with the projector creating a hole in the raincoat.

Butler Alfred: In reality the raincoat is just a backdrop to the Professor's discoveries. The experiment I have just described to you only scrapes the surface of his actual abilities. The Invisibility Potion on the other hand is a priceless Talisman that provided the Professor with valuable experience.

An Insight Into the FutureEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Notes from the Future Clairvoyance Cards Library --
Sage Wind Magic Flowers Dungeon --
Magic Landmark Magician's Compass Observatory --
Earth and Meteorites Azure Seahorse Laboratory --
Thirst for Wealth Jewelry Box of Mystery Cellar Night

Martha the Maid: The Professor used to say that anyone can take a glimpse into the future, but people are too nearsighted. If they see money, they don't see anything else around them. Luckily the Professor didn't have to turn into a martyr to understand the power of clairvoyance. He concealed this ability in Talisman.

Martha the Maid: I wanted to have the Good Luck Talisman so badly! But the Professor said that I will never be able to predict the future. Do you think you will be able to tell me where to find my beloved astronomer? Please, create the Talisman!

Matter and ThoughtEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Power of Telekinesis Disintegration Matrix Study --
Medium Cup of Whirls Cellar --
Movement Experiments Mystic Earrings Dungeon --
Event Generator Tourmaline Rose Library Night
Earth and Random Things Reflection Ball Laboratory --

Butler Alfred: The Professor shared the following words: "I hid direct conscientious intentions and thoughts which control matter into the Talisman which I treasured a lot. As the lab assistant says, this Talisman is almost yours. You only have to collect it.

Butler Alfred: Please take good care of this Talisman. I am confident that if a wrong person takes possession of this item, it will cause trouble. While in your hands, it can work miracles. Perhaps it will help you to find the Professor.


Quest Item Location Mode
Cramp Fish and Electrical Phase Harmonica Boat --
Source of Electrical Current Mechanical Star Observatory --
Package to Mars Bohemian Glow Library --
Electricity Charge on Body Impulse Bracelet Laboratory --
Luminescence Hand Rattle Study Shadows

Melissa: The Professor didn't like sea because he was afraid of it. However, once he boughts a large aquarium with a cramp fish and placed it in the laboratory. As the Professor said, the cramp fish can attack with electrical current and render one insensible. These abilities of the fish interested the Professor.

Melissa: I am happy that I have passed my knowledge of how to generate and electrical charge to you. This Talisman will help you to control electricity that I am so afraid of!

Mind Reading TalismanEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Thoughts Aloud Inferal Ring Boat Jumbled
Gift of Love Devilish Curl Study --
Thoughts of Animals Minor Xylophone Library --
Ethereal Waves Saturation Ocular Hotel Room --
High-Tech Galactic Almanac Laboratory --

Martha the Maid: I know for sure that science treats mind reading like one of the most common pseudo scientific fields. But I have seen how the Professor read my mind. At first, I was very scared of it. For example, the Professor knew what women usually talk about. However, having seen him do it, I realized that he had a gift of mind reading

Martha the Maid: Science supports my believes. Telepathic technology can become widespread. Many people might want to read other people's minds for economic and social reasons- Now everything is in your hands!

Hypnotizer's TalismanEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Immersion into Trace State Hypnotic Hat Café --
Hypnotizing Capabilities Zirconium Metronome Hotel Room Reverse
Gipsy Sabot of Fate Boat --
Desired in Reverse Bow of Absent-Mindedness Observatory --
Chain and Ring Celestial Mirage Dungeon --

Melissa: Now you have the Talisman which the Professor used to hypnotize people. You can assemble this Talisman from the items which you have collected. To finish creating the Talisman, you only need to equip it with paranormal energy of Professor's items.

Melissa: Use your knowledge of hypnosis with good intentions! Please, don't fool people, and believe me, you will only benefit when you comprehend and masker all Professor's knowledge.

Icy TalismanEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Icy Wolf Meteorite Ice Cellar --
Cold Body Icing Flute Dungeon --
Scientific Explanation Drum Echo Study --
Winter Entertainment Glowing Corindon Museum of Perfumes Night
Snow Flakes Radiant Topaz Observatory --

Butler Alfred: Congratulations! Melissa asked me to tell you that you have collected all the items necessary to receive Professor's Talisman. This Talisman turns things into ice. All you need to do now is to find the objects charged with the paranormal energy of the Professor or of the Portal.

Butler Alfred: Using the Talisman, you can also try to play snowballs made of air. I think the rofessor explained how to do it in his Diary.

Talisman of HealthEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Vampires Colorless Baryon Hotel Room Reverse
Astral Monsters Space Frequency Café Night
Human Energy Open Dream Boat Shadows
Leaking Bucket Ethereal Parasite Museum of Perfumes Jumbled
In a Sound Body Inertia of Freedom Fashion Boutique Night

Melissa: Are you trying to stay away from the people whose company make you feel exhausted and drained? The items that you have found will help you create a Talisman which will let you restore energy faster.

Melissa: I believe that everyone should take care of their energy field and keep it in good health. If your energy field is weak or damaged you will inevitably become ill physically or emotionally.

Water PowersEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Homo Aquaticus Porcelain Periscope Observatory Shadow
Octopus on the Roof Sodium Battery Boat Night
Underwater World Shark Fin Dungeon Puzzle
Amphora for an Octopus Basaltic Screw Fashion Boutique Reversed
Gills behind Ears Defense Tusk Laboratory Jumbled

Prosper Bull: So far people don't have to move to the bottom of the ocean. However, the ocean bed may become a human workplace in the near future. It's quite possible that you'll have to dive there to find artifacts, which contain the powers of water.

Prosper Bull: Will the bottom of the ocean become home for people? Right now people have nothing to do there. Physiological capabilities of our bodies and the newest technology do not let us stay in deep waters for a long time.

Manual DexterityEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
On Air Wave Pilot Goggles Library Shadows
Good Myth Pegasus Shoes Hotel Room Puzzle
Thoughts Materialize Hyperjump Laboratory Reverse
Game with and without Rules Photon of Disappearance Café Jumbled
Where Dreams May Come Jet Pack Dungeon Night

Eleanor: The Professor could travel at the speed of light, but he also could move different items into different locations. Now you need to assemble the Evaporating Talisman. Become one step closer to unraveling the time mystery!

Eleanor: Congratulations! You've mastered all methods that the Professor invented for fast traveling and disappearance. I hope that this knowledge will help you find Professor Bellows soon!

Secret PotentialEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
New Rays Solar Nugget Study Puzzle
Piercing Look Pharaoh Mask Boat Reverse
Taking the Sword Roman Coin Observatory Jumbled
See the Invisible Retort with Oil Museum of Perfumes Night
New Telescope Cotton Ball Dungeon Shadow

Eleanor: The way one looks at objects and radiation seem to be quite incompatible things. However, Professor Bellows has always found new energy sources. He used these energy sources to develop some very interesting and mysterious skills. The Professor passes on this skill to you through me and his Diary.

Eleanor: This type of radiation is familiar to everyone nowadays. It is used in special devices to diagnose human illnesses. However, full potential of radiation is still undiscovered. Professor Bellows also keeps it a secret.

Voices of PlanetsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Aliens Alien Rock Observatory Reverse
Lights in the Sky Unidentified Matter Laboratory Jumbled*
Cosmos Alien's Shoe Dungeon Night
Wave of Hope Mysterious Scripts Library Shadow
Harbinger of Storm Spaceshop Fragment Cellar Puzzle

Astronomer Andrew: We have collected several interesting items, which can be used to assemble a peculiar Artifact. Perhaps, this Artifact will be a useful tool to establish communication with aliens. Apparently, the Professor had some good reasons when he asked me to tell you about UFOs.

Astronomer Andrew: Keep it. Who knows, perhaps this item will help you start the most exciting adventure that anyone has ever seen. Perhaps, you will use it to fly into space and to other planets. If you ever have a chance to fly into space, please, let me know about it. Space has always been my dream.

The quest Lights in the Sky for Unidentified Matter says "Reverse mode" but has been known to be found in Jumbled Words mode.

Power KeepersEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Sixth Sense Loaded Dice Hotel Room Shadows
Touch Coffee Grouts Café Night
Eardrum Bronze Scales Boulangerie Jumbled
Behind the Screen Pack of Cards Fashion Boutique Reverse
Shadowing Old Compass Museum of Perfumes Puzzle

Eleanor: Do you have the sixth sense? Do you know what is going to happen in the near future? The items that you have found will help you foresee the future. You will need these items very soon. You should be the best in anything you do!

Eleanor: My sixth sense is telling me that the Portal Keepers are also starting to fight for power. The Professor was right! All this explains why he is staying out off touch with us and why he is hiding in the corners of time and space.

Bestiary BookEdit

Lion TalonEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: If we want to bring our Professor back to the Manor we need to study Animal Languages. I am sure that some animals know in which part of the world we should look for the Professor. I have a receipe of a talisman which gives its owner an ability to understand the Language of Animals. Speaking of animals, who is their king? Oh, of course it is the Lion.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: I know that we should put two pinches of Lion Talon powder into the talisman. Lion Talons should be pounded into powder in a marble mortar. I wonder how long it will take to make the powder.

Animal LanguageEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Bear Fat Bear Fat Cellar Shadows
Rabbit Tail Rabbit Tail Dungeon Jumbled
Wolf Tusk
Wolf Tusk
Fox Fur Fox Fur Laboratory Night

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Now it's important to charge the talisman with Resin Drops and Nymph's Tears. If we do it, the talisman will start working, and I will start understanding the language of all animal. Right now I need some help from the Tree and the Nymph. They visit our Manor quite often.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Now that I have drunk half a pint of our talisman potion, I can understand the Animal Language. Moreover, now I know more secret corners in the Manor. I will have an easy access to these places for thirteen more days.

Amphibians CroakingEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Frog Leg Frog Leg Dungeon Shadows
Toadstone Toadstone Observatory Jumbled
Snakefish Scale Snakefish Scale Cellar Night
Salamander Tail --
Salamander Tail
Latimeria Fin --
Latimeria Fin

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Now I am going to charge the Talisman Potion with Resin Drops and Nymph's Tears. Then it will start working. Very soon I will start understanding the language of these ugly and slimy creatures. I will do whatever it takes to find out where our Professor may be at the present moment.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Please, keep in mind that once the Talisman is charged it will remain active for thirteen days. When the thirteen days are over, you can use the Talisman to understand only the language of amphibians.

Reptile RustlingEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Crocodile Tears Crocodile Tears Laboratory Shadows
Turtle Beak Turtle Beak Library Puzzle
Lace Monitor Egg Lace Monitor Egg Study Night
Asp Poison Asp Poison Dungeon Shadows
White Python Skin White Python Skin Cellar Jumbled

Felicia the Fortuneteller: It is taking us so long to find all the items that we need for the Talisman! The process of making the Talisman is also quite lengths. So, we should be ready to spend more time to prepare the potion.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Please, keep in mind that once the Talisman is charged it will remain active for thirteen days. When the thirteen days are over, you can use the Talisman to understand only the language of amphibians.

Dragon RumorsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Pink Dragon Scale Pink Scale Dragon Maze Little Dragon
Scale of Icy Dragon Icy Scale Dragon Maze Ice Dragon
Fiery Dragon Scale Fiery Scale Dragon Maze Fire Dragon
Wyvern Sting Wyvern Sting Dungeon Night
Basilisk Fang --
Basilisk Fang
Water Mill

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Phew, it was so difficult to unravel all these dragon mysteries! On the positive side, when I have the Talisman ready I will be able to understand the language of dragons.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Please, keep in mind that once the Talisman is charged it will remain active for thirteen days. You will be able to understand the language of dragons only when the thirteen days are over and the main powers of the Talisman are gone.

Monster RoarsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Gryphon Feathers Gryphon Feathers Library Reverse
Manticora Tail Manticora Tail Laboratory Night
Harpy Hair Harpy Hair Observatory Shadow
Onocentaur Footprint Onocentaur Footprint Cellar Puzzle
Amphisbaena Scale Amphisbaena Scale Dungeon Jumbled

Felicia the Fortuneteller: There is one last thing that we need to do. We should charge the Talisman with Resin Drops and Nymph's Tears. Once we do it the Talisman will be activated. I am so excited that I will start understanding the language of animals soon. The language of mysterious creatures from parallel worlds will also be clear to me. Who knows, perhaps we will find the Professor in one of the parallel worlds.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Please, keep in mind that once the Talisman is charged it will remain active only for 13 days. Do not miss your chance! We have done so much work to get this far!

Bestiary BookEdit

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Congratulations! We have assembled all the talismans! Now we need to read the Bestiary Book in order to find out how to use them. The Professor keeps this book somewhere in the Manor. It can be either in the Library, in the Study or in the Laboratory. Would you like to assemble the Bestiary Book, or should we try to find it?

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Here is the Bestiary Book. It is so dusty! I wonder what Martha is doing? Why do old and rare books collect so much dust? Ahchoo!


The following quests are parallel to the Airbook quests below.
Quest Item Location Mode
Beautiful Stranger Gentle Breath Study Reverse
Magic Eye Sound of Wind Observatory Shadow
Fanciful Contours Fairy's Magic Dungeon Puzzle
Spy's Keen Sense of Smell Smell of Lily Cellar Night
Gourmand's Dream Refined Style Laboratory Jumbled

Lairiel: Your new skills will help us sustain the fragile balance between our worlds.

Lairiel: All right, now you are almost as perfect as my people. You don't have to grow long ears. Immortality also doesn't refer to you. However, I guarantee you many wonderful discoveries.

Fruitful EffortsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Happy Song G Clef Hotel Room Night
Work and Pleasure Plash of Sunlight Boulangerie Shadows
Good Habbits Flask with Fog Museum of Perfumes Night
Thorny Way Talking Pebbles Café Jumbled
Unexpected Result Wing Beat Boat Puzzle

Lairiel: I have told you a little bit about the traditions and customs of my homeland. Now it's your turn to combine everything that you've learned together and write your first book. Here is a pen and some paper for you. At the same time it would also be good to practice calligraphy.

Lairiel: You are doing a great job! Your list of games with plashes of sunlight and hundred and hundred and fifty ways to collect a buckets of dew in five minutes should be described in a seperate book. You and I can pass this sacred knowledge to everyone who needs it.

Power of KnowledgeEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
True Friend Siren Song Princess's Boudoir Shadow
Desire for Beauty Basilisk Feather Throne Hall Night
Wonderful Transformation Ocean Wave Tilt Yard Night
Black Depth Dusky Darkness Celestial Stables Reverse
Little Beauty Seaweed Treasury Night

Lairiel: According to one scientific theory, the world ocean is integral to all known life. Elves value life in all its forms. I hope that I have managed to pass a part of this knowledge to you.

Lairiel: I believe that you will be able to apply all the knowledge that you have received recently. Hopefully, it will help you in your travels.

Air BookEdit

Compass RoseEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Breeze Breeze Boat Puzzle
Warm Trade Wind Warm Trade Wind Hotel Room Shadows
Steady Monsoon Monsoon Consistency Café Jumbled
Power of Storm Hurricane Power Boulangerie Night
Cold Snow Storm Cold Snow Storm Fashion Boutique Reverse

Prosper Bull: To assemble the Compass Rose you must charge it a little bit. For this purpose you need to find the mysterious creatures and help them.

Prosper Bull: Winds infused with Drops of Dew make a Talisman that can help you understand the language of winds and air. One of the winds will eventually bring a message from the Professor. I will hear and understand it.

Song of CloudsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Cirrus Cirrus Café Shadows
Heap Cloud Heap Cloud Hotel Room Reverse
Rain Cloud --
Rain Cloud
Silver Cloud Silver Cloud Fashion Boutique Night
Pearly Cloud --
Pearly Cloud
Fashion Boutique

Melissa: I would have never thought that I would learn the language of clouds some day. It is simply amazing! I wonder if I can find out where these coulds are traveling from.

Melissa: This Pearly Cloud has come here from Antartica. As for this Silvery one, it has arrived from the Atlantics. Unfortunately, the Professor is neither in Antartica nor in the Atlantics. You won't believe me, but I have learned this information from the clouds that we have been looking for.

Music of RainsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Drops of Fog Drops of Fog Hotel Room Jumbled
Power of Downpour Power of Downpour Café Puzzle
Clear Rain Clear Rain Fashion Boutique Reverse
Warm Rain Warm Rain Museum of Perfumes Night
Rain Sparkles Rain Sparkles Boat Jumbled

Melissa: I have just learned that once I have assembled the Artefact I will be able to understand the songs and whispers of the winds from all over the world.

Melissa: It is wonderful! This skill will come in handy during our search of the Professor. We'll be able to find the most priceless information by interacting with nature.

Bird SongsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Phoenix Feather Phoenix Feather Museum of Perfumes Shadows
Eagle Feather Eagle Feather Café Reverse
Peacock Fan Peacock Fan Fashion Boutique Puzzle
Falcon Feather Falcon Feather Boat Night
Pelican Feather Pelican Feather Boulangerie Reverse

Melissa: Now I only have to mix the correct amount of ingredients in correct proportions. The Magic Potion is almost ready.

Melissa: Oh, I can hear one sparrow talking to another one. He says, "Let's fly to the Café. There are many sweet crumbs for our chicks there. It's a great place!"

Noise of InsectsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Butterfly Effect Butterfly Effect Fashion Boutique Shadows
Night Fly Night Fly Boat Night
Bee Buzz Bee Buzz Museum of Perfumes Jumbled
Friendly Spider Friendly Spider Fashion Boutique Reversed
Scorpion Carapace Scorpion Carapace Hotel Room Puzzle

Melissa: I already have some experience in making magic Artefacts. Hopefully, I will be able to make one correctly this time as well. Where is the Dew that I have saved for the Talisman?

Melissa: I'm not particularly interested in learning what the scorpions and the spider are talking about. Nevertheless, I have to. Could the Professor be in the world of insects?

Air BookEdit

Melissa: The Air Book is a very beautiful name. This book contains a lot of secrets. However, it's impossible to open it until we find several Parcment Sheets and some Squid Ink. I think I have seen these items somewhere in the Manor.

Melissa: Prosper and I can now comprehend the language of Air Powers and air creatures. I'm so happy! I should better listen to the birds' twittering. Perhaps some of them are talking about the Professor now. Besides, I'll give this book to Felicia. There's no doubt that she will unterstand all its secrets.

Scroll of DepthsEdit

Mountain RoarEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Alpine Height Alpine Height Throne Hall Jumbled
Falcons's Rock Falcons Rock Treasury Shadows
Pyrenean Crystals Pyrenean Crystals Alchimist's Tower Night
White Mountain Glacier White Mountain Glacier Tilt Yard Puzzle
Angel of Ore Mountains Angel of Ore Mountains Princess's Boudoir Reverse

Prosper Bull: I think I have found all five components of the Mountain Artefact. I wonder how the Professor is going to use them. Professor Bellows' message says that I should ask the mysterious creatures for help.

Prosper Bull: Could it be that the Professor is planning to come to the mountains? Does he need the Artefact for this trip? How can I pass the Artefact to the Professor? Well, I am waiting for further instructions.

Silence of CavesEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Gnome's Hatchet Gnome's Hatchet Throne Hall Puzzle
Abyss Cave Abyss Cave Celestial Stables Shadow
Drawing of Cro-Magnon Man Drawing of Cro-Magnon Man Alchimist's Tower Reverse
Cave Drawing Cave Drawing Treasury Shadow
Bat Bat Alchimist's Tower Night

Prosper Bull: To assemble the Artefact and to help the Professor understand the cave mysteries you must use some help of mysterious creatures. Well, I'll be happy to visit these creatures.

Prosper Bull: The Caves keep their numerous mysteries well. Many brave speleologist had to collect information about the caves bit by bit. The Silence of Caves is probably very similar to the silence of the open space. I suppose that Andrew will agree with me.

Secret of MineralsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz Treasury Shadows
Iron Oxide Magic Iron Oxide Magic Alchimist's Tower Jumbled
Blue Malachite Blue Malachite Celestial Stables Reverse
Jade Jewelry Box Jade Jewelry Box Throne Hall Night
Crystal Nodule Crystal Nodule Princess's Boudoir Jumbled

Astronomer Andrew: Of course, there are many minerals with magical qualities. Yet, the Professor needs only these ones. To enhance their qualities, we must infuse them in energy liquids.

Astronomer Andrew: The Artefact which helps unravel the mysteries of the minerals and stones is ready. I have tried to finish this task as soon as possible because the Professor can send a message requiesting this Artefact any time.

Jewelry GlareEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
Royal Diamond Royal Diamond Treasury Night
Mysterious Topaz Mysterious Topaz Princess's Boudoir Shadows
Garnet Bracelet Garnet Bracelet Throne Hall Puzzle
Golden Carnelian Golden Carnelian Tilt Yard Reverse
Shiny Emerald Shiny Emerald Princess's Boudoir Shadows

Astronomer Andrew: Why didn't the Professor take all these stones with him to his dangerous travels? They would bring him good luck and protect him from the dark forces. Fortunately, it's possible to collect all these gemstones in one very important Talisman.

Astronomer Andrew: Great! A magnificent Talisman made of the best magic minerals is in my hands! I remember that I once read an old Scroll of Depths which explained how to use this Talisman to enhance one's power and might.

Rustling SandsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode
River Sand River Sand Tilt Yard Shadow
White Sand White Sand Alchimist's Tower Jumbled
Black Sand Black Sand Treasury Reverse
Red Sand Red Sand Throne Hall Night
Golden Sand Golden Sand Treasury Puzzle

Astronomer Andrew: Each type of sand has its own properties. The magical forces of all sands will unite and reinforce each other many times in a common Talisman. I will have to ask the magical creatures for help in order to charge the Artefact better.

Astronomer Andrew: The last Artefact has been assembled! It will help the Professor understand the language of mineral resources. From now on the meaning behind the quiet sand rustle all over the planet will be clear to him. I have to complete several more tasks of the Professor and my work will be over.

Scroll of DepthsEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Congratulations! All five Artefacts have been assembled. Now it's essential to match all the components and assemble a unique Relic which is called the Scroll of Depths.

Astronomer Andrew: The humans have never had a Relic that would be more powerful than this one since the times of Attila and Nibelungs. It unravels the mystery of the magic depths, indicates the location of gemstone deposits, gold and ancient treasures.

Calligraphy SkillEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
First Traces Gloomy Darkness Boulangerie Night --
Strange Findings --
Water Stream
Hotel Room


Too Much Blue Deep Blue Laboratory -- --
Bottom Deep Benthic Algae Laboratory -- --
Born to Adapt Flat-Fish Dungeon -- --
Problem Scale -- Hotel Room
Museum of Perfumes

Felicia the Fortuneteller: It is time to learn the mystery of the unknown phenomenon. Ready? I think we will soon meet it face to face.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: Inkstone! What a surprise. Inkstone is used by calligraphy masters to rub the ink sticks. They watch over the state of the stone very careful.

Yin and YangEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Awaiting Trouble Black Cat Cellar Night --
New Beginning Snow White Fashion Boutique -- --
Confrontation Chess Kings Museum of Perfumes Octopus
Undertones Harmony Piano Keys Hotel Room Jumbled* --
Striped Horse 10 Zebras Bellows Manor Help Unicorns
Meeting -- any any 3 Ghost Octopus
The quest "Undertones Harmony" for the "Piano Keys" says Puzzle/Dismounted Image mode but the item is found in Jumbled.

Felicia the Fortunteller: You are right, Andrew. Color inversion - this is what happens when you meet this phenomenon. It explains why we are found so many black and white items.

Felicia the Fortuneteller: What a strange mask, though it precisely reflects the unity of antipodes, black and white, smile and sorrow. The new phenomenon from the portal is very much alike: it has a repulsive look but changes ot brings are not destructive. It also unites the antipodes in itself.