Event: "Magic" Beauty Parlor

Expedition - "Magic" Beauty Parlor Edit

Required: Edit

  • Entrance Permission
  • 0 Energy Entrance Fee
  • 4 Cup with Plasma
  • 4 Gravitation Beverage
  • 4 Vector Diagrams
  • 5 Event Horizon
  • 55 Max Energy Search

Dragon: Edit

  • Type: Elsa the Dragoness
  • Food: 19,500
  • Feed Times: 54
  • Expedition Time: 2 h
  • Room Search Time: 4 h

Rewards: Edit

Organizer (Red Chest) Talisman of Knowledge (1), Silver Tarra Cards (20), Gold Tarra Cards (20), Creature Summoning Scroll (3), Honey Toffee Candy (10), Cup with Plasma (2), Gravitation Beverage (2), Vector Diagram (2), Event Horizon (2).
Generous (Blue Chest) Talisman of Experience (1), Silver Tarra Cards (10), Gold Tarra Cards (10), Creature Summoning Scroll (2), Dandelion Juice (10), Cup with Plasma (2), Gravitation Beverage (2), Vector Diagram (2).
Lucky (Silver Chest) Piggy Bank (1), Silver Tarra Cards (5), Gold Tarra Cards (5), Creature Summoning Scroll (1), Ruby Pomegranate (10), Gravitation Beverage (1), Event Horizon (1).
Valuable (Brown Chest) Silver Tarra Cards (2), Gold Tarra Cards (2), Delicious Blueberries (10), Cup with Plasma (1), Vector Diagram (1).

Artifacts for Expertise Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Trick of the Eyes? Ritual Knife Shadows ---
Cup and Blood Ritual Cup --- ---
Strange Dream Black Amulet Jumbled Words ---
Black Book Spellbook --- ---
Experts Magic Sphere Night ---

**********After getting the Spellbook you must chase away The Ghost (must be the white ghost)********

+++++++++++ Must chase away ghost prior to assembling Artifacts for Expertise ++++++++

Attracted by Magic Edit

Ulrich Achenbach: You doubt my words but I am sure black magic rituals are held in the parlor. Phenomena are attracted by magic - you can easily make sure of it...

  • Chase away The Ghost from the Beauty Parlor

Ulrich Achenbach: I told you! Phenomena come to the place where magic is practiced. What other proof do you need?

Artifacts Edit

Butler Alfred: Todd the Barber works in the "Magic" and I saw he has some unusual things - pin with skull and hair pick with runes. These things may be ritual, too. It would be great if we could get them for expertise...

  • Get 3 Pins with Skull from Todd the Barber
  • Get 3 Hair Picks from Todd the Barber
  • Assemble the Artifacts for Expertise

Butler Alfred: A very convincing collection! But I would like to hear experts' conclusion... By the way, I saw the person whom I have not seen for fifteen years again today. He surely has something to do with the parlor. And he is a bad person...

Help for Experts Edit

Butler Alfred:Experts I hired to find out evil secrets of the "Magic" parlor are nearly finished. One of them wanted to get into the parlor secretly but a phenomena got into his way. Please, get rid of this obstacle.

  • Chase away any phenomena from the Beauty Parlor

Butler Alfred: Beauty parlor is not a place for phenomena! Even if it is called "Magic".

Doll Family Edit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Strong Attraction Millionaire Doll --- ---
Expert Decision Maid Doll Reversed Room ---
Doll #3 Laborant Doll --- ---
Concerns Confirmed Butler Doll Dismantled Image ---
Revenge of John Black Professor Doll --- ---

Butler Alfred: Barber working in the parlor made a slip that John Black managed to make seven dolls. We need to get them all! I think barber can help us... After we secured ourselves we can banish the revengeful warlock...

  • Get 3 Astronomer Dolls from Todd the Barber
  • Get 3 Knight Dolls from Todd the Barber
  • Assemble the Doll Family

Butler Alfred: Finished! "Magic" is closing for good while police got interested in John Black. I heard he got on the run. I hope never to see him again.

Get the Reward: Barber's Chest Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it be sure that you check your energy and XP. If you're short before leveling up and still have energy, make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

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